On-Campus Housing

Available Beds - Under 19

For 2015 High School Graduates

To select a room and bed, please log in to My Housing Account. This page only shows current availability, it does not allow you to select a room.
For more information about Room Selection, please view our Room Selection Webpage.

If you have already selected a room and would like to request to swap rooms, please read the Room Swap Instructions page.

Please select an agreement period:

There is no guarantee of space availability on your particular room selection date. If, on your room selection date and time, there is not space available in your preferred type of room, please note that after all room selection dates have been completed openings from cancellations are made available for room selection at 4:00 p.m. Provo time on Monday and Wednesday afternoons, except on holidays.

Wyview Park - Under 19 community not available.

Please log in to My Housing Account to select a space.