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After You Get the Job

Congratulations on being selected for your new position! Below is a description of the 5 easy steps that will help you become hired and authorized to begin work.

5 Easy Steps

  1. Go to Staff and Administrative Employment (D-70 ASB) to complete your new-hire paperwork
  2. Bring appropriate documentation to complete a Form I-9
  3. Bring your Social Security Card for IRS purposes
  4. Receive a Authorization to Begin Work form to take back to your supervisor, indicating that you may begin work
  5. Set up Direct Deposit and update W-4 information on-line

Go to Staff and Administrative Employment 

Once you have been offered a Staff or Administrative position at the University, please go to Staff and Administrative Employment, located at D-70 ASB. If you have any questions in regards to the location of our office, or University parking accommodations, please contact us at (801) 422-3563.

Completing a Form I-9

At the time of your hire you will be asked to complete a Form I-9 verifying your eligibility to legally work in the United States. Below is a list of acceptable documents you may choose from in order to successfully complete this form.

Acceptable Documents

Choose one from LIST A, OR one from LIST B AND one from LIST C.

An unexpired U.S. Passport Driver’s license issued by a state or outlying possession of the United States provided it contains a photograph or information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color and address U.S. Social Security card issued by the Social Security Administration (other than a card stating it is not valid for employment)
Permanent Resident Card or Alien Registration Receipt Card (Form I-551) ID card issued by federal, state or local government agencies or entities, provided it contains a photograph or information such as name, date of birth, gender, height, eye color and address Certification of Birth Abroad issued by the Department of State (Form FS-545 or From DS-1350)
An unexpired foreign passport with a temporary I-551 stamp School ID card with a photograph Original or certified copy of a birth certificate issued by a state, county, municipal authority or outlying possession of the United States bearing an official seal
An unexpired Employment Authorization Document that contains a photograph (Form I-766, I-688, I-688A, I-688B) Voter’s registration card Native American tribal document
An unexpired foreign passport with an unexpired Arrival-Departure Record, Form I-94, bearing the same name as and containing an endorsement of the alien’s nonimmigrant status, if that status authorizes the alien to work for the employer U.S. Military card or draft record U.S. Citizen ID Card (Form I-179)
  Military dependent’s ID card ID Card for use of Resident Citizen in the United States (Form I-179)
  U.S. Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card Unexpired employment authorization document issued by DHS (other than those listed under List A)
  Native American tribal document  
  Driver’s license issued by a Canadian government authority  

Please note that laminated, or copied versions, of Social Security Cards are considered fraudulent documents by the Immigration Customs Enforcement, and will not be accepted for I-9 purposes.

For persons under the age of 18 (who are unable to present a document from any listed as a below option in LIST B), one of the following three documents may be used to verify identity: School record or report card; Clinic, doctor, or hospital record; or a Day-care or nursery school record.

Social Security Card for IRS Purposes

You will be required to present a Social Security card at the time of your hire for IRS purposes.

Authorization to Begin Work

Once an employee has verified their work eligibility by completing a Form I-9 and all other necessary paperwork has been completed, the individual will receive an “Authorization to Begin Work” form to give to his/her direct supervisor and may begin work.

Direct Deposit and W-4 Information

At your time of hire, you will be given information on how to set up your direct deposit information and complete a W-4 form using our on-line services. Due to the processing time for the completion of your new hire, we encourage you to wait 2-3 days before updating this information on-line. Please note that if not otherwise changed, your direct deposit information will be set to the most recent account information you have on record with the University (if any), and your W-4 information will set to a status of “Single” with 0 dependants. If you have any questions when updating this information on-line, please contact Payroll at (801) 422-8186.

How to Obtain a Social Security Card

In the event you do not have an original Social Security card for IRS or I-9 purposes, you may obtain one by going to the local Social Security Administration Office (485 N. Freedom Blvd, Provo, UT 84601; Phone: (800) 772-1213 or (801) 377-5651; Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and completing an application proving your U.S. citizenship or immigration status, age, and identity. Once you have received your social security card, please bring it in to Staff and Administrative Employment at D-70 ASB to update your records with the University. Please note that you will need to bring in your card within 30 days to meet IRS requirements and up to 90 days to meet Federal I-9 regulations (if you were originally hired using a temporary Social Security Card receipt).

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