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Alternative Work Week Schedule Procedures for Holidays, Sick Leave, and Vacation - Managers

The following guidelines are University procedure in relation to the administration of Holiday, Sick, and Vacation hours for employees working on approved alternative work week schedules.

  1. All Sick and Vacation hours will accrue at their normal rate for both staff and administrative employees.
  2. All Sick and Vacation hours taken will be deducted on an hourly basis, as taken, for both staff and administrative employees.
  3. If an approved University holiday falls on a day when a staff employee does not work due to an alternative work week schedule, the management of the employee’s department may choose to adjust the employee’s schedule earlier that week to prevent the payment of excess time, or choose to pay the extra holiday hours at straight time overtime.
  4. All administrative employees working on alternative work week schedules will be given a total number of holiday hours to be used throughout the year. These hours are to be administered by the management of respective departments. Please contact Compensation at (801) 422-7533 for the specific number of holiday hours given for each year.

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