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Savings Plan Limits

Adequate and early planning can assist BYU personnel in maximizing contributions to their savings plans every year without losing University matching contributions.

Here's how it works!

Pension law limits the amount that can be contributed to employer sponsored savings plans. The total dollar limit for the year 2010 is $49,000 ($54,500 for those over age 50).

The $49,000/$54,500 limit is comprised of the following:

  • $16,500/$22,000 Tax-deferred by Employee
  • University Matching Contributions
  • After-tax Contributions by Employee

In order to receive the maximum BYU matching contribution, University personnel must contribute a minimum amount to the Deseret Mutual Thrift Plan every paycheck.  Contributions to TIAA-CREF can be made, but are not matched.  Those who reach their tax-deferred limit before the end of the calendar year can change their contribution to after-tax in order to avoid losing match. 

The University matching schedule is as follows:

Personnel eligible before 01 April 2010

Your Contribution

Matching Contribution









5% or more


 Personnel eligible after 01 April 2010

Your Contribution Matching Contribution
1% 1%
2% 2%
3% 3%
4% 4%
5% 5%

6% or more


Plan early to ensure that you maximize your contributions to the savings plans without losing your matching contributions from the University. Please contact Benefits Services, D-240 ASB or (801)422-4716, for assistance.

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