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Conference 2006

Talks Speakers

Thirty-One Small, Kindergarten-like Decisions That Make a Huge Difference in Mortality and Eternity

Hosted by: Randy Bott

One Step at a Time Down the Yellow Brick Road

Hosted by: Mike Cottam

Small & Simple Things Bring Great Experiences

Hosted by: LaVell & Patti Edwards

Conversion and Change in Facing Personal Challenges

Hosted by: Gary Gillum

Juggling for Life

Hosted by: Karl Hale

Running with Angels - One Step at a Time

Hosted by: Pamela H. Hansen

Feeding the Masses – How Offering Food to Your Guests Can Enhance the Overall Experience

Hosted by: Robert Morgan

The Lord is Aware of Us All

Hosted by: Amram Musungu

Rods and Horns: Symbols of Christ

Hosted by: Bliss Roberts

Line Upon Line – Precept Upon Precept in Managing Stress

Hosted by: Gawain Wells

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