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If You Can Laugh At It, You Can Live With It

Keeping a sense of humor can help you keep a good perspective, relate well with others, and make it through difficult tests and trials. Believe it or not, everyone can develop a better sense of humor.

Hosted by: Brad Wilcox

Brad Wilcox

More Money Than You Will Ever Need

In this class you will learn what is the "happiest income", identify the “Point-of-Choice”© financial assets when investment income will provide for financial needs, develop financial strategies that are behaviorally, financially and spiritually efficient and provide “Million-Dollar-Choice”© options for accomplishing your objectives.

Hosted by: Scott Marsh

Scott Marsh

Interrupted Journeys

This presentation will focus on several nineteenth century Latter-day Saint women and the ways in which the anticipated course of their lives was interrupted by disappointment or disaster. With faith, perseverance, and creativity they overcame difficulties and continued their journeys, making meaning of their lives and contributing significantly to their families and communities.

Hosted by: Jill Derr

Jill Derr

The Dog Poop Initiative

OH GROSS! It’s dog poop! Yuk. We’ll read this true story parable and best smeller book to discover the difference between pointers and poopers and heroes and scoopers.

Hosted by: Mike Cottam

Mike Cottam

Three Lessons of Life Baseball Has Taught Us

Life’s lessons are everywhere, even on the baseball field. Adversity (strikeouts), success (homeruns), and service to others (RBIs) are three places we can find joy in our journey and win in the game of life.

Hosted by: Dale & Nancy Murphy

Dale MurphyNancy Murphy

Surprises of the Spirit: Enjoying the Hosanna Moment

If we pay close attention, we come to know that the Lord is blessing all of us on our mortal journeys with “Hosanna Moments” of pure, reassuring, refreshing, course-correcting, faith-promoting revelations. The accumulation of these custom-made “Surprises of the Spirit” provides us with a personal Liahona which enables us to go our way with confidence, courage—and joy.

Hosted by: Richard Cracroft

Time for a Music Break!

Relax, laugh and be entertained with funny songs and stories. No sing-alongs--just listen or take a nap.

Hosted by: Gaye Beeson

Gaye Beeson

Inviting Creativity and Inspiration into Our Work

There are principles and practices that will enable us to enjoy increased creativity and inspiration in our work. We will consider these principles, along with practical ways to apply them, to the end that each of us may increase the joy to be found in our work environment.

Hosted by: K. Newell Dayley

women at N. Dayley's lectureman at N. Dayley's lecture

The Magic of Exercise

Many of us miss the magical effects of exercise because we either feel too busy to take the time to exercise or we don’t understand how to exercise properly to receive the beneficial effects. This lecture will help you find more “joy in the journey” by helping you become this fit person who loves physical activity.

Hosted by: Garth Fisher

Garth Fisher

Loving the Storm

Into every life a little rain must fall, but why is mine a downpour? Spend 40 minutes of laughter and tears with Mary Crafts, star of KBYU’s Culinary Creations, where this time she cooks up a recipe for dealing with life’s problems and thunderstorms.

Hosted by: Mary Crafts

Mary Crafts

Mafia to Mormon, My Conversion Story

Mario Facione was born into the Mafia. He knew the game, he made the deals, and he ran the schemes. Clever and cautious, he learned as a young man how to play big without getting caught. So when two clean-cut young men wearing dark suits showed up on his doorstep, Facione’s main concern was to figure out what kind of scam they were selling. Instead, he found what he’d least expected — religion. A religion he was willing to give anything for, even his life.

Hosted by: Mario Facione

Mario Facione

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