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Employment Termination Checkout

Terminating administrative and staff employees, and non-retiring full-time faculty, are required to complete the Employment Termination Checkout form. At least one day prior to the employment termination date, the department will give the Employment Termination Checkout form to the employee and instruct him or her to complete all Department, Parking, and Campus Service items and then to discuss post-termination benefits with Benefits Services. Contact Benefits Services at 801-422-4716 with any questions. Full-time faculty who are terminating must also submit to Faculty Relations, D-341 ASB, a Commitment to Resign Letter. A sample of the letter for terminating faculty is provided below.

Before the employee departs, we would appreciate receiving feedback regarding various aspects of his or her employment experience. Please have your employee complete an Exit Interview (link below) before his or her last day of employment.

Full-time faculty who are retiring complete the Commitment to Retire Letter for Faculty, and the Faculty Retirement Checkout form. See Retirement link at left.

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