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Student Employee of the Year

Student Employee Recognition Week

Each year colleges and universities across the country recognize the importance of the student work experience during National Student Employment Week. This year Student Employee Recognition Week will be celebrated April 1st-April 5th, 2013. Brigham Young University has many activities planned. It is recommended that departments recognize the student employees in their area during that week with activities, awards, or other recognition.

Nominating Your Student

Join Student Employment and Student Life in celebrating WASEA's (Western Association of Student Employment Administrators) National Student Employment Week by nominating your most outstanding student employee for BYU's Student Employee of the Year. Each department has many qualified and exceptional student employees, and this is a wonderful time for them to be recognized for their efforts. The student selected will be nominated for the state and regional competition.

The University will honor all nominees with a certificate of appreciation, and the nominating departments will be encouraged to take an appropriate opportunity to recognize all their student employees as well as their nominated students. Individual departments and supervisors are encouraged to nominate their outstanding student employees for University recognition.

To nominate one of your students for state and regional recognition, please submit the nomination form online by NOON on Monday, February 25, 2013. The committee will then select one of the applicants to send to the state competition. The applicant selected by the committee to be BYU Student Employee of the Year will be recognized during Student Employee Recognition Week, April 1 - April 5, 2013.

To be eligible, the nominee must be a current BYU student employee that has completed or will expect to complete at least six (6) months part-time or three (3) months full-time employment during this academic year, July 1, 2012 to June 30, 2013.

To nominate a student, click the button below.

Last Year's Nominees

Winner: Kelsey Brooke Smith, Office of Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships -- Nominated by: Carolyn Tuitupou

Students Recognized by their Department for Outstanding Service
Student Department
Adam WitcherContinuing Education
Alexandra MorleyEducational Leadership & Foundation
Alyssa ZundelSchool of Family LIfe
Amanda GardnerUniversity Libraries
Amanda LakeMicro & Molecular Biology
Amber CorryUniversity Libraries
Andy BrimhallAthletics
Annette HarrisWomen's Studies
Bradford MelluishOffice of Information Technology
Brooke BartonBYU Broadcasting
Caitlyn BangerterStudent Life
Cameron DumasBYU Broadcasting
Candace JuddCampus Scheduling
Carolyn HaynieKennedy International Center
Chad Adamovich Risk Management & Safety
Chad Sloan Global Management Center
Christopher JohnsonEspecially For Youth
Cindy GuilloryHuman Resources
Coleman D. NelsonCompliance and Audit
Courtney SchrammSchool of Family Life
Cristie KapendaUniversity Libraries
Dani PetersonUniversity Libraries
David VeirsLDS Philanthropies
Dustin YoungbergIntegrated Student Services
Elicia MerwinPurchasing & Travel
Emily RyanUniversity Libraries
Frank TovarSAS Creative Services
Heather HawkinsAlumni Relations
Hillary LakeExercise Sciences
Hyung Kyoo KimUniversity Libraries
Jared WhittleSchool of Technology
Jeffrey WilliamsMathematics
Jennie MangumUniversity Libraries
Jennifer HansenTheatre and Media Arts
Jennifer SiggardJamba Juice
Jessalyn HomerUniversity Libraries
Jessica FreemanStudent Auxiliary Services
Jessica WeinfurterDean's Office of Education
Jocelyn JonesRisk Management & Safety
John CutlerStudent Leadership
Jonathan LeFevreBookstore
Jonathon OwenCenter for Religious Studies
Joshua DoyingRollins Center
Kaitlyn WadsworthLDS Philanthropies
Kaitlynn KeslerMilitary Science
Kellen SlightMissionary Training Center
Kelly McLeanOffice of Information Technology
Kelsey GeeExercise Science
Kelsey HeierStudent Life
Kelsey SimonsUniversity Libraries
Kelsey SmithPrestigious Scholarships and Fellowships
Kevin NemelkaUniversity Libraries
Kimaree WalkerHealth Clinic
Kimberly OrtonComputer Science
Kirsten SchetselaarBookstore
Krista RoyPhysical Facilities
Kristina StewartEspecially For Youth
Kyle TaylorKennedy International Center
L. Hollie McKeeIndependent Study
Leah RobinsonBookstore
Leigh MeisterUniversity Libraries
Lindsay WandeltUniversity Libraries
Lindsay Woolf JonesEspecially For Youth
Loren BrownPsychology
Marissa MaxfieldStudent Auxiliary Services
Mark BurtenshawUniversity Libraries
Matthew FreiPolitical Science
Melissa NearyMathematics
Melissa TribeUniversity Libraries
Michael MorrellRegistrars' Office
Michelle CattsEspecially For Youth
Michelle DrennanMathematics
Michelle FarmerSchool of Music
Michelle Wilkins SmithChemistry
Morgan HicksSAS Creative Services
Natalie WilliamsLDS Philanthropies
Nathan PorterPF Custodial Shop
Nathan WoodburyHuman Resources Development
Paul RobeUniversity Libraries
Phil BickerUniversity Libraries
Rachel ClawsonCenter For Teaching and Learning
Rachel WeilerTeacher Education
Ryan LeeRental and Surplus
Sam GarciaUniversity Libraries
Sara JolleySchool of Social Work
Scott HampshirePF Electrical
Shantel MillerLaw School Dean's Office
Skyler DrennanRegulatory Accounting /Reporting
Stephanie AboBookstore
Stephen ScottCannon Center
Stephen WoodContinuing Education
Steven NeversORCA
Tara PinaCampus Scheduling
Taylor KroffMathematics Laboratory
Thomas SumrakStudent Auxiliary Services
Vanessa StoreyEconomics

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