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Dependent Children at 130 or more BYU credits

Once a dependent child has reached 130 or more BYU credits, the tuition benefit will no longer automatically post to the Student Financial Account. The dependent child must contact Benefits Services to determine if they are still eligible for a tuition benefit. Benefits Services will calculate the number of credits that the tuition benefit has paid for and if the child is under 152 credits, the tuition benefit will be put onto the Student Financial Account. If the child is at 152 credits or more, the child has reached their eligibility limit and will not receive the tuition benefit. Credits that count towards the 152 limit are any credits that the tuition benefit has paid for including classes that were repeated, failed, and withdrawn from. If a child has credits from transfers, AP classes, or tests out of classes, those credits are not included in the 152 limit.

For more information, please contact Benefits Services at 801-422-4716.

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