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Utah Employment Security Act/Unemployment Insurance

Your work is covered under the provisions of the Utah Employment Security Act for unemployment insurance purposes, unless specifically exempted by the act.
Unemployment insurance provides payment to qualified workers who are unemployed through no fault of their own and are able, available and looking for full-time work. It is not welfare, Social Security or a disability payment. Benefits are based upon your previous earnings - not on economic need. The funds to pay unemployment benefits are paid by your employer. No deductions are made from your wages.

To receive unemployment benefits you may file your claim on the Internet at, select "Unemployment Benefits," then choose "File New or Reopen Claims." You may also call the Claims Center at : Salt Lake/South Davis Counties - (801) 526-4400; Weber/North Davis Counties - (801) 612-0877; Utah County - (801) 375-4067; elsewhere in Utah and out-of-state - (888) 848-0688. No benefits will be paid for weeks prior to the week in which you file your claim. You should, therefore, file immediately after becoming unemployed or when your work hours are reduced to less than full-time.

If you are separated from employment due to a work-related illness or injury for which you have received Worker's Compensation, your rights to unemployment benefits may be preserved for up to THREE YEARS from the date of your injury. In order to use wages earned prior to such an injury or illness, you must file a claim for unemployment benefits within 90 DAYS of your doctor's release to full-time work.

At the time you are separated from your job, you should request information as to the reasons for your separation. you do not need to have a separation notice to file a claim. Both you and your employer will be requested to provide statements explaining the reason for your separation.

The amount of your unemployment benefits will be determined from your wages in covered employment. "Wages" are all payments for personal services performed such as salaries, commissions, bonuses, tips and the cash value of goods and services received for services performed. Tips received but not reported to your employer generally cannot be used to determine your unemployment benefits.

If you are classified as "self-employed" (independent contractor), you may want to discuss this with your employer and have your status reviewed by the Department of Workforce Services. Work performed in "Self-employment" cannot be used for unemployment benefits. You are "self-employed" if your work is performed without direction and control and you are in your own established business. This generally means you are properly licensed in business, perform similar services for others, maintain proper accounting records and business reports, pay self-employment taxes, and provide for insurance.

Access our web site to search for jobs, find out about available programs, and obtain economic information.

DWS services are available on our web site at or by going to any of our Employment Centers listed below. Employment services include job referrals, career counseling, workshops, employer recruitment Veterans' services, labor market information, and job training/internships. Supportive services include food stamps, financial assistance, medical assistance, childcare assistance, unemployment assistance, emergency assistance, referrals to community, and other resources. Our Job Connection Rooms provide Internet access along with Information Specialists to assist you in accessing services and resources. Fax and copy machines are also available.

Beaver 875 North Main (435) 438-5498
Blanding 544 North 100 East (435) 678-1400
Brigham City 1050 South 500 West (435) 734-4060
Cedar City 176 East 200 North (435) 865-6530
Clearfield 1290 East 1450 South (801) 776-7800
Delta 44 South 350 East (435) 864-3860
Emery County 550 West Hwy 29 (435) 381-6100
Heber City 69 North 600 West, Ste. C (435) 654-6520
Junction 550 North Main (435) 557-2443
Kanab 468 East 300 South (435) 644-8910
Lehi 557 W. State Street (801) 753-4500
Loa 18 South Main (435) 936-2406
Logan 180 North 100 West (435) 792-0300
Manti 55 South Main #3 (435) 835-0720
Midvale 7292 South State St. (801) 567-3800
Moab 457 Kane Creek Blvd. (435) 719-2600
Nephi 625 North Main (435) 623-1927
Ogden 480 27th Street (801) 626-0300
Panguitch 665 North Main (435) 676-8893
Park City 1960 Sidewinder Dr. Ste. 202 (435) 649-8451
Price 475 West Price River Dr. #300 (435) 636-2300
Provo 1550 North 200 West (801) 342-2600
Richfield 115 East 100 South (435) 893-0000
Roosevelt 140 West 425 South 330-13 (435) 722-6500
Roy 1951 West 5400 South (801) 776-7200
Salt Lake Metro 720 South 200 East (801) 536-7000
Salt Lake So County 5735 South Redwood Rd. (801) 269-4700
South Davis 763 West 700 South W Cross (801) 298-6600
Spanish Fork 1185 North Chappel Dr. (801) 794-6600
St. George 162 N 400 E Bldg. B (435) 674-5627
Tooele 305 North Main, Ste. 100 (435) 833-7310
Vernal 1050 West Market Dr. (435) 781-4100
West Valley 2750 South 5600 West Ste. A (801) 840-4400

Utah law requires that each employee's wages must be reported each quarter with the regular quarterly contribution (tax) report. All wage and separation information and correspondence must include your unemployment insurance registration number. You must also maintain and make available records of wages and separation information on all workers for at least four (4) calendar years.

When an unemployment claim is filed by a former employee, the Department of Workforce Services will send Form 606 "Notice of Claim Filed." This notice will provide an opportunity for you to report details of the reason for the claimant's separation and, in some cases, to request relief of potential charges. You will also receive a Form 65 "Employer Notice of Potential Liability" showing any wages from your firm being used on the claim and your firm's potential benefit costs.

If you have classified or contemplate classifying any of your workers as "self-employed" (independent contractors), notify the Department so a proper determination of status can be made. By doing this you may avoid unpaid contributions (tax) liabilities, interest and penalties.

Additional information is available in the "Employer Handbook" which you can access on the Internet at

In accordance with Section 35A-4-406(1) (b) of the Utah Employment Security Act, this notice must be permanently posted by each employer at suitable points (on bulletin boards, near time clocks, etc.) in each work place and establishment.


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This poster contains the exact wording of the official government notices obtained from the Utah Labor Commission and the Utah Department of Workforce Services.
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