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Employment Procedures

Employee Dress and Grooming Standards

All employees are expected to observe high standards in modesty, taste, judgment, and appropriateness of dress and grooming. Observance of such is a specific condition of employment. The following provides a guide for office employees:

Male Employees

Appropriate office attire includes suits, shirts and ties, dress slacks, sports coats, sweaters and stockings. Hairstyles are to be neat, clean, and trimmed, and men are expected to be clean shaven. Beards are not acceptable, except for documented reasons, and mustaches are not encouraged. If mustaches are worn, however, they are to be neat and trim. Earrings and all body piercing are not acceptable. Where appropriate, some offices may require a University uniform.

Female Employees

Appropriate office attire includes dresses, skirts and blouses, suits, stockings, and dress slacks in good taste. Hemlines are to be below the knee. Where appropriate, some offices may require a University uniform. Hairstyles are to be clean and neat, avoiding extreme styles and colors. Excessive ear piercing (more than one per ear) and all body piercing are not acceptable.

Apparel for non-office personnel should be neat, clean, modest, and appropriate for the type of work being performed.

Supervisors are assigned the responsibility by the University to see that these minimum standards are maintained and for interpreting the general intent of these guidelines. Departments may require a higher dress standard, if desired.


Staff and Administrative Employment coordinates the advertising and posting of vacant positions. Contact Staff and Administrative Employment, ext. 2-3563, for instruction or questions on how to post positions.

The University encourages promotion and recruitment from within the campus community. The recruitment process may be open to:

  • All qualified applicants inside and outside the University
  • Qualified, Full-Time University employees only
  • Qualified, Full-Time college/division employees only

Part-Time employees in employment classifications of Category I, Category II, or Student are eligible to apply for positions opened to all qualified applicants.

Open positions are generally advertised on the University job website (, posted at designated locations on campus, and faxed to several off-campus organizations. Vacant positions can be advertised in local, state and national media; however, costs for these services will be the responsibility of the department making the request. Staff and Administrative Employment will assist in designing and coordinating the ads in selected local and state newspapers.

Administrative positions are usually open for recruitment for a minimum of 14 consecutive days. Staff positions are usually open for recruitment for a minimum of seven consecutive days.

Individuals who contact the hiring department directly should be referred to Staff and Administrative Employment to apply formally for the position. Departments should not accept nor consider resumes from individuals who have not officially applied.

Staff and Administrative Employment personnel will recruit and screen candidates for open positions according to the qualifications listed by the department. Human Resource Services personnel will review applications with the hiring managers and assist them in selecting qualified candidates for further consideration and/or interviews. Staff and Administrative Employment is available to provide training in hiring, such as selection techniques, panel interviews, interview questions, and legal issues related to the hiring process.

As an educational institution affiliated with the LDS Church, BYU prefers to hire qualified members of the Church in good standing, as authorized under Title 41 CFR § 60-1.5 (a)(6).

Office Skills Tests

Departments may require applicants to take selected office skills tests that are relevant to the position, with 3 tests maximum recommended. Requiring office skills tests is appropriate for office support staff positions; however, it is not appropriate for administrative positions.

Applicants who reside outside of Utah County may take typing tests at state workforce offices, temporary employment agencies, or on the internet and forward their typing scores to the department or Utah County applicants are required to complete the tests in the Student Employment office, 2024 WSC.

There are several Office Skills Tests:

  • Keyboarding (3 minute timed warm-up, 5 minute timed test)
  • Data Entry (5 minute timed test)
  • Alpha and Numeric Filing (10 minutes each, 20 minutes total untimed test)
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint (30-50 minutes untimed test)
  • Microsoft Office Excel (30-50 minutes untimed test)
  • Microsoft Office Word (30-50 minutes untimed test)
  • 10-Key (3 minute timed warm up, 3 minute timed test)
  • Proofreading 1 and 2 (20 minutes each, 40 minutes total untimed test)
  • Spelling (20 minutes untimed test)

The Office Skills Tests are available from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm Monday through Friday, except on Tuesdays when the office is closed for University Devotionals/Forums from 11:00 am to 12:00 noon.

Reference Checks

Two employment reference checks are to be contacted by the hiring department before an employment commitment is made to hire an individual for Full-Time or Approved Part-Time (Category II) employment. The hiring department is responsible for procuring these references and sending them to the Staff and Administrative Employment Office before a salary/wage may be set. Letters of recommendation are not considered reference checks. The reference form is located at: Employment references may also be submitted on-line through the HRS Staff and Administrative reference database system for those  who have access.

BYU prefers professional references from past employers, but personal references may be submitted when work-related references are unobtainable.

In cases where the applicant is currently working for the hiring department or division, reference checks are strongly encouraged but not required.

Ecclesiastical Clearances

All new LDS employees being hired for Administrative, Staff, Category III, Category II, Category I and Special Staff positions require an ecclesiastical clearance, as well as those who meet the following conditions:

  • A former employee if he/she has been terminated for more than a month
  • A student employee who is moving to a non-student job
  • An employee who is moving from Category I to Category II; or from Category I/II to Full-Time status

Departments may request an ecclesiastical clearance for the desired applicant through the Staff and Administrative Employment on-line application system. If the position was not posted on the on-line application system, a request may be made for approval to hire by sending an email to the Assistant Manager of Staff and Administrative Employment with the following information:  

  • Name of individual and BYU ID number (preferred) or social security number
  • Hiring department, supervisor’s name, and extension
  • Employee classification of person (Full-Time, Category II, or Category I)
  • Approvals obtained for this hire

For pre-approved departments, non-student part-time employees, who are being hired to work less than 100 hours in a calendar year, will not need ecclesiastical endorsements. An employee being hired for one of these brief assignments will review a Standard of Conduct Commitment form, accepting as a condition of employment the observance of:

  • Church Educational System Honor Code on and off campus
  • Dress and Grooming Standards on and off campus
  • Doing one's duty in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Attending church meetings
  • Abiding by the rules and standards of the Church

The candidate will sign this Standard of Conduct Commitment form, accepting as a condition of employment the observance of the Church Educational System Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Standards at all times, on and off campus.

Staff and Administrative Employment will obtain initial ecclesiastical clearances for all Administrative, Staff and non-student Part-Time employees (Category I, Category II). Thereafter, annual ecclesiastical clearances will be obtained through the Ecclesiastical Clearance Office (ECO).

Completion of Hiring Paperwork

All new employees (Administrative, Staff, Category III, Category II, Category I, Special Staff) will report to Staff and Administrative Employment Office (D-70 ASB) on or before the first day of work to complete required employment forms.

New employees will need to meet BYU's Dress and Grooming Standards and bring the following to the Staff and Administrative Employment Office to complete the hiring paperwork:

  • Appropriate documents establishing employment eligibility and identity to satisfy the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Form I-9. For acceptable documents, please see the following page: I-9 Procedures or contact Staff and Administrative Employment, ext. 2-3563.
  • Social security card to satisfy Internal Revenue Services regulations.

If required, the new employee will complete a post-offer physical examination before work begins and bring the completed packet to Staff and Administrative Employment at the time of hire (please see Physical Examination Policy).

When new Full-Time and Approved Part-Time employees come to Staff and Administrative Employment to be hired, they will receive a "New Employee Confirmation Of Hire" form. This form will be taken to the Benefits Office where Full-Time employees will be scheduled to attend a New University Personnel Orientation.

Concurrent Jobs

Category 1 employees may hold concurrent jobs. All  hiring departments involved are required to share the 910 hours limit. Category II, Staff, and Administrative employees may not hold concurrent jobs.

Hiring Category I Employees

The University gives priority to BYU students in filling needs for Part-Time employees; however, departments may find it necessary to hire non-students to meet their Part-Time needs (see Classification of Employees Policy). In order to hire an individual as a Category I, departments must do 1 of the following:

  • Post the position on the Staff and Administrative Employment website OR
  • Obtain prior approval from Staff and Administrative Employment by submitting an email to the Assistant Manager of Staff and Administrative Employment containing the following information:
    • The name of the candidate and BYU ID number (preferred) or social security number
    • The approvals obtained by contacting Department Deans or Vice Presidents 
    • An explanation of the nature of work and why a student cannot be hired
    • The length of time the department wishes to employ the candidate and the number of hours per week the candidate would work

Please contact the Staff and Employment Assistant Manager at 2-2150, if you have any questions. The Assistant Manager will notify the department of the approval and include a link to an ecclesiastical clearance application for the candidate to complete and submit.

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