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Ecclesiastical Clearance Office

The Ecclesiastical Clearance Office (ECO) performs functions related to employee eligibility to work at BYU. The ECO is responsible for obtaining ecclesiastical clearances for applicants prior to an offer being made to them regarding employment at BYU. This Office also verifies continued employment eligibility by contacting employees' ecclesiastical leaders.

Phone Number
Fax Number
Organizational Unit Listing: 
  • Scott Elkins - Managing Director, ER/EEO and ECO - Full Time Employee - D-292 ASB - 801-422-6878
  • Michelle Peterson - Office Specialist - Part Time Employee - A-242 ASB - 801-422-5335
  • Mikilani Yamada - ECO Coordinator - Full Time Employee - A-242 ASB - 801-422-3715

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