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Brown-Bags 08-09

October - Dr. David C. Dollahite

Family and Parenting

What are the best ways to talk with your children and youth when they face crossroads in their lives? How can parents work to encourage teens to remain interested in talking about religious issues during those tough years when it seems like they might not be interested? Suggestions based on gospel principles and research findings will be shared.

Dr. David C. Dollahite is a professor of family life at BYU. He and his wife, Mary have been married for 25 glorious years and have 7 terrific kids.

He has served in the LDS Church in many capacities including bishop, high councilor, young men's president, stake mission president, and ward mission leader. He has interviewed religious parents and youth from a variety of faiths about how they talk together about religious matters.

November - Dr. Lora Beth Brown

Nutrition, Dietics, and Food Science

Imagine a joyful, guilt-free relationship with food. What would that feel like? What could you do to make this a reality? Come and get ideas on how to achieve a more freeing way of eating that nourishes the spirit as well as the body.

Dr. Lora Beth Brown is an Associate Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Dietitics and Food Science at BYU. Her interest in nutrition education began when she worked with community nutrition programs in the sixties, simplifying complex nutrition information in practical recommendations for consumers. She discovered she loved teaching!

Since joining the faculty in 1974, she has encouraged her students and others to personalize their eating in ways that are joyful and guilt-free. She is excited to talk about "Eating to please the eye and gladden the heart."

Seek ye earnestly the best gifts... And all these gifts come from God, for the benefit of the children of God. D&C 46:8,26

December - Glenn Rawson

Of Most Worth

All of us are busy. Of all the things that we can do with our time, what is of the most worth to us? What is it that will bring the most joy to the most people for the longest time? The last thing we would ever want is to live our lives unto ourselves and have them considered as dross by the Lord.

Glenn Rawson is an Idaho native. He is married to Debra Hemsley and they have seven children and two grandchildren. He has a bachelor’s degree in Wildlife and Range Science from BYU , a masters in Educational Administration from ISU, and is finishing a doctorate degree in Political Science and Constitutional Law.

Glenn is presently involved with the Joseph Smith Papers as a television writer and producer. He is best known as a storyteller on the radio.

January - Nannette Wiggins

The Song of Redeeming Love: 12 Step Recovery and Healing, A Gift From God

Addiction is a growing and dangerous problem for all age groups. When we think of "addiction" we generally think of illegal drugs, however many other behaviors and substances are becoming addictive. The price of addiction in any form is high.

Whether you struggle with addiction or associate with someone who does, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Addiction Recovery Program can bless your life. Individuals who feel helpless and powerless to resolve any problem in life can also benefit from the Church’s program.

Nannette Neubert Wiggins and her husband Marvin live in the Orem, Cherry Hill Stake. She is the mother of five and the grandmother of ten. Nannette is living in recovery from a life long struggle with compulsive/addictive eating. She maintains a 90 lb. weight loss as a result of the Gospel centered principles of addiction recovery.

Nannette helped develop and write "A Guide to Addiction Recovery and Healing." She has enjoyed singing for many years with the Utah Lyric Opera Society. Nannette will speak and sing about the power of the Atonement in finding healing and recovery. She will be accompanied by Kathleen Stitt.

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