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Create a Professional Resume

What is a Resume?

A resume is a one to two page document designed to provide an overview of an individual's work experiences, extra-curricular activities, volunteer activities, and other pertinent information used for presenting oneself to an employer when applying for a specific job. Resumes generally provide information in the following areas:

Personal Information

In your personal information section, include your name, address, phone number(s), e-mail address, and other information that may be required for the position you seek. Do not include any information that is not absolutely necessary such as birth date, health information, or marital status, which may, in some cases, detract from your employability.

Education Background

Here you will provide information about your schooling and educational background. List the information in reverse chronological order, giving your most recent degree or expected degree first. Provide the name of the institution, the location of the institution, the degree, academic emphasis, and the date of graduation or expected graduation. You may wish to include your GPA, educational honors, minors, or other distinguishing characteristics in this section.

Work Experience

Just as with your educational information, begin with your most recent job first and recount backwards. List the name of your employer, organization, or institution and provide your job title and a description of your job related activities. Describe your position using active verbs that best describe the nature of the activities of your job, using either past or present tenses for previous or current job positions. Remember, consistency is important. List any accomplishments or projects that provide value to your employer and emphasize the aspects of your past jobs which may be appealing to a new employer. Try to make the most of all your experiences without sounding trite.

Awards & Honors

This section provides a prospective employer with an idea of contributions to your community coupled with any awards and honors resulting from your activities. Employers are often interested in the holistic view of you as a person. If you choose to provide information about serving a mission for the LDS Church, include it in this section or Community Service. Remember that your activities are to be described in an unpretentious manner, if possible.

Additional Information

Prospective employers may want to know about some of your hobbies, life experiences, or specific skills not manifest by the information already provided. You could also include information on your typing proficiency, knowledge of computer programs, and foreign language proficiency. If you choose to provide information on some of your hobbies, travel experiences, and personal interests, list them in a brief, specific manner.


References are optional on a resume. If you do choose to list them, remember to provide all the pertinent contact information.

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