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The University provides an annual budget for merit increases (not cost-of-living), in other words pay-for-performance. Accordingly, it is expected that star performers be given an increase well above average, solid performers be given an average increase, and under-performing individuals be given a less-than-average increase. (Generally, an individual involved in a disciplinary process would not receive an increase.)

By distributing the money in this manner, we reward those individuals who are achieving results and contributing the most toward the mission of their department and the University. When assessing employees' performance, please consider the Brigham Young University staff and administrative criteria values (Competency, Respect for Sacred Resources, Integrity, Teamwork, Exceeding Customer Expectations, Respect for Others, Innovation, Accountability).


The employee notification letter will include a signature line. This feature will allow each vice president to determine who will sign individual employee letters. This personalization of the notification letters will increase employees' awareness of the pay-for-performance nature of their increase.

Employee letters will be delivered to vice presidents. The letters will be distributed for use in one-on-one meetings between employees and their supervisors or department heads. This is an appropriate time for supervisors to discuss employees' performance in relation to their pay increase.

Employees not receiving an increase will not receive a letter. Supervisors are encouraged to work with Employee Relations (2-3863) for assistance in handling these situations.


  1. Written instructions regarding accessing the salary review system are available here.
  2. Four informational boxes, one displaying the average percent increase for males, one displaying the average percent increase for females, one displaying the average percent increase for Administrative employees, and one displaying the average percent increase for Staff employees are available to help you monitor your overall allocation of funds.
  3. A print button which allows printing of the Salary Review Increase page.


If you need assistance, please contact your HR Consultant listed below:

Name Phone Email
Brittany Goff 2-5113
Denise Haney 2-6877
Kirsten Coats 2-6802
Greg Danklef 2-1962

You may also use the HR Consultant Directory by clicking here.

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