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Hiring Part-Time Employees



  • Check that the individual is admitted to the University and is taking at least a minimum number of credits:
    US & PR Int'l
    Undergrad 6 credits 12 credits
    Graduate 2 credits 9 credits
  • Consult the Student Hourly Wage Rate Schedule or the Student Employment Office regarding wages.


  • Offer the position to the student.
  • Submit an electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF).
  • Complete a Verification of On-Campus Employment form for International Students.

What is the status of the I-9?

  • OK — Student does NOT need to go to the Student Employment Office.
  • Not OK — Send the student to Student Employment (2024 WSC) with documents showing authorization to work in the US and a Social Security Card.

DO NOT allow the person to begin working until you have received the email showing that the ePAF you submitted has been authorized and/or view your ePAF to see if it has been authorized.



  1. Post the position on YJobs with your HR Consultant. If you are requiring office skills tests for the final candidate(s), please see for the length of the tests. We recommend no more than 3 relevant tests and/or 1 hour of testing maximum.
  2. For NON-LDS applicants, BYU prefers to hire qualified members of the Church in good standing. Interviewing or hiring a NON-LDS applicant requires Vice President approval.
  3. After the posting closes and all qualified applicants have been considered, please follow these hiring steps in order:
    • 1st: Change all non-interviewed applicants (never to be considered) to "Not Hired-Sends Email." This can be done daily, even with the posting open.
    • 2nd: Change all interviewed applicants to "Interview" in YJobs. Wait until you hire to change again.
    • 3rd: Change the final applicant(s) to "EC/BC" (Ecclesiastical Clearance/Background Check). You may process one applicant per each opening stated on your posting.
    • 4th: Personally contact and submit 2 Reference Call Summaries for each Category II final applicant who is not currently working in your division. See General Information & Tips>Hiring Tips & Guidelines - Non Student for additional information.
    • 5th: After the clearance has been completed and the Reference Call Summaries submitted, Human Resource Services will contact you to review a wage and change the workflow state of the final applicant(s) to "Make Offer."


  1. Offer the position to the applicant(s).
  2. When the final applicant accepts your offer, change his/her status to "Offer Accepted."
  3. Submit an electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF).
  4. Review BYU's Honor Code and Dress and Grooming Standards with the new employee:
  5. Send the new hire to the Staff and Administrative Employment Office D-70 ASB with the new employee's Social Security Card and documents showing authorization to work in the USA.
  6. Remember to change the applicants in "Interview" workflow states in YJobs to "Not Hired-No Email" and personally contact them by phone or mail. BYU encourages courtesy contacts to all applicants.

DO NOT allow the person to begin working until you have the blue Authorization to Begin Work form (with date stamp) in your hands.

Part-time in this document is defined as student hourly and Categories I, II, and III.

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