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Sublease From a Current Tenant | Sublease Your Apartment | Sublease Request Forms and Sample Sublease Contract

Sublease From a Current Tenant

A subleasing program has been developed as a convenience for current tenants who would like to leave the University during the spring and summer months. To be eligible to sublease an apartment during spring and summer you must be either a current BYU student or a BYU student eligible to register for fall semester. If not already married, you must marry no later than 30 days after beginning to sublease.

Subtenants are not eligible for the laundry discount.

If you are interested in subleasing an apartment from a current tenant, please contact the Wymount Terrace Office at 801-422-2549 for information on available apartments.

Sublease Your Apartment

You must live in Student Family Housing for at least four months and be registered for the following fall semester as a full-time day continuing student to be eligible for the program.

Your subtenant must be eligible to live in Student Family Housing and be a BYU student. The sublease period may begin no more than 30 days before the marriage date of the subtenants, if not already married.

You must make all subleasing arrangements. Student Family Housing is not responsible for broken sublease agreements. You, as the resident, are responsible for the rent and damages of the subtenant who occupies your apartment.

The subtenant will not be given preferential consideration for placement into Student Family Housing.

In addition to the information above, the following conditions apply to subleasing:

If a sublease lock is requested to store items inside one of the bedrooms, you must rent a BYU lock and key, which BYU must install and remove at the end of the sublease time. There is a $50.00 charge for this lock. Arrangements may be made by calling Auxiliary Maintenance at 801-422-4411.

Sublease Request Forms and Sample Sublease Contract

It is strongly recommended that a contract be drawn up between you and the subtenant. You may view and print the sublease request forms and sample sublease contract here. You must complete the sublease form and submit it to the Wymount Terrace Office for approval. If you have any other questions, please contact the Wymount Terrace Office at 801-422-2549.