On-Campus Housing

Making Payments

Ten-Payment Plan | How Do I Make a Payment? | Petition for Deferment of Payment

Payments are due on the first of each month. A $30 late fee will be assessed to all individuals with outstanding balances after the tenth. Please note that if payment is not made by the first of the month, the account is past due and a hold may be placed on the student's meal plan, class registration, and transcript until the account is cleared.

After selecting a room and meal plan, payment information for the contracted room and meal plan may be viewed in My Financial Center under "Unpaid Charges". Charges for rooms and meal plans are listed separately in My Financial Center.

Ten-Payment Plan for Fall-Winter Semesters

All Fall-Winter Semesters housing and meal plan agreements are set up on a ten-payment plan. Two of these payments are due prior to the agreement start date. The first five payments, July through November, pay for Fall Semester and the second five payments, December through April, pay for Winter Semester.

Each payment covers approximately 23 days of the semester. The following is a breakdown of the ten-payment plan:

Fall Semester 2016
Winter Semester 2017
Payment Month Corresponding Days
July 8/24-9/16
August 9/17-10/9
September 10/10-11/1
October 11/2-11/24
November 11/25-12/16
Payment Month Corresponding Days
December 1/6-1/29
January 1/30-2/21
February 2/22-3/16
March 3/17-4/8
April 4/9-4/29

How Do I Make a Payment?

Your $100 security deposit, $50 processing fee, and housing and dining payments may be paid using any of the following methods*:

*We do not take payments over the phone.

Petition for Deferment of Payment

Students who will not be able to make their payments before the tenth of the month are encouraged to fill out a Petition for Deferment of Payment IF they have or will have financial means to make the payment, such as an accepted scholarship or upcoming paycheck. Students planning to use financial aid to pay their housing or dining charges will need to ensure that they have completed all tasks related to financial aid in My Financial Center before submitting a petition.

The petition can be found in My Housing Account under the "Financial" tab. The student is asked to provide the reason for requesting deferment and to propose a schedule of when the payments can be made. The Housing Review Board will review the petition and respond within two weeks. A granted petition does not necessarily mean late fees will not be charged or holds lifted.