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Summer Term 2021
BYU's plan for an in-person summer term experience with adjustments for the health and safety of the campus community during the pandemic.

Latest Updates

Lower disease prevalence of COVID-19 and increased availability of vaccines in our community continue to be encouraging. As a result of these recent developments, BYU has implemented the following changes to its COVID-19 safety protocols.

Vaccines: BYU strongly urges members of the campus community to be vaccinated. Vaccine appointments are now readily available throughout Utah, including at the former Provo High building and the BYU Student Health Center.

Masks: Masks will be required only in certain areas and circumstances, including:

  • At the BYU Student Health Center for both employees and patrons;
  • For BYU Dining Services employees as directed by supervisors.
  • For BYU Broadcasting employees as directed by supervisors.
  • In other areas as directed and approved by the line vice president.

Masks are encouraged for those who are not vaccinated when physical distancing is not maintained. Also, individuals may choose to wear a mask in any setting. Additional details and current mask requirements can be found here.

Distancing: Physical distancing, to the extent feasible, is encouraged. This includes classrooms, workspaces, and other locations on campus. Campus services should provide physical distancing in places where patrons gather to wait to receive services.

Events: Campus events may be planned and scheduled according to pre-pandemic processes and current BYU policies. As per policy, events that require Risk Management approval can be submitted here for review and approval.

Travel: Vaccination is not required to receive approval for domestic travel. However, if faculty, staff or students voluntarily disclose to their supervisor that they are fully vaccinated, domestic travel may be approved through the pre-pandemic approval process. All others may be approved for domestic travel by following the COVID-19 testing protocols described below. All individuals traveling domestically must comply with the COVID-19 requirements of the destination jurisdiction. And all travelers should wash hands or use hand sanitizer often during travel.

Supervisors should not require vaccination or pressure faculty, staff or students to disclose vaccination status for domestic travel approval. Instead, they should inform faculty, staff or students of the option to follow the testing protocols or disclose that they are vaccinated. For more information about domestic travel protocols, click here.

International travel continues to require approval from both the line vice president and international vice president.

Business-related travel of guests that is paid for by BYU can resume in accordance with pre-pandemic processes and current BYU policies. These individuals must comply with current BYU COVID-19 protocols published in this update.

All travel must comply with state and local health regulations, including COVID-19 requirements imposed by the destination jurisdiction.

Testing: COVID-19 testing is still available at the BYU Student Health Center and at many locations throughout the State of Utah. BYU may require COVID-19 testing for employees or students prior to participation in certain programs or activities.

If necessary, the above protocols will change to best ensure the safety of the BYU community.

BYU's Returning to Workplace plan has been updated with changes related to this update, click here for details.

Questions? Contact the BYU COVID-19 Hotline at 801-422-7662 or email

Summer Term

(as of July 27, 2021)

Summer Term Data Cases Percentage of Campus Community
Active cases 8 0.04%
Cases no longer in isolation 31
graph depicting the number of active cases of COVID-19 per day

Active cases include individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 during summer term 2021 (June 18–Aug 12) and are currently in isolation. The number of reported cases includes students, faculty and staff who tested positive while either working at BYU or enrolled in classes during spring term and have been physically present in the local campus community. There are 20,000 people in the campus community this summer term.


Summer Term
Cases Percentage of Campus Community
Total reported cases 39 0.19%
Seven-day rolling average of new cases 1
graph depicting the number of new cases of COVID-19 per day

Weekly Summary Daily Average Weekly Total
Week 1 (6/18–6/24) 0.1 1
Week 2 (6/25–7/1) 1.1 8
Week 3 (7/2–7/8) 1.1 8
Week 4 (7/9–7/15) 1.7 12
Week 5 (7/16–7/22) 1 7

Note: There may be small differences in the Weekly Summary chart as BYU continues to receive additional information. Reported cases may be counted in a different semester or term based on testing date.

This data is based on the number of cases reported to BYU each week from a variety of sources including self-reporting, the BYU Student Health Center, and focused, risk-based testing.

Total number of reported cases during spring term (39), winter semester 2021 (1,185), winter break (317), fall semester 2020 (3,634), summer term 2020 (166), spring term 2020 (16) and winter semester 2020 (21): 5,378.

We ask the BYU campus community to help us track the spread of COVID-19. If you have tested positive for the virus or are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, please fill out this form.

COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form

This information will help us to reduce the spread of the disease by making sure appropriate areas of campus are cleaned and disinfected.