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Fall Semester 2020
BYU's plan for an in-person fall semester experience with adjustments for the health and safety of the campus community during the pandemic.

Latest Updates

In addition to other statewide restrictions and requirements defined in state public health order 2020-25, the order requires COVID-19 testing at least once every 14 days for college students who either live on campus or attend at least one in-person class per week. Each university campus is required to have a testing process in place by January 1, 2021.

BYU will again conduct COVID-19 testing for BYU students Dec. 7–11. This free testing is for students in the area who don’t have any symptoms and who haven’t received a positive test result within the last 90 days. The results of these tests will give students the opportunity to make compassionate decisions that are best for their family and friends during the holiday season.

Click here to register for a student COVID-19 screening test.

Utah County remains a high-transmission area.

Winter Semester

Winter semester is quickly approaching. BYU plans to continue with an in-person winter semester with the same modes of instruction as the current fall semester (remote, in-person and hybrid classes). This is subject to change depending on trends in disease prevalence and guidance from state and local governments.

Students can begin adding winter semester classes to their registration carts now.

Winter semester classes will begin January 11 and end April 14. BYU is delaying the start of winter semester by a week to allow more time between the holidays and the first day of classes. The academic calendar will continue as previously scheduled, including holidays and exam preparation day.

Confirmed BYU Cases

Fall Semester 2020

(as of Nov 30, 2020)

Fall Semester Data
Cases Percentage of Campus Community
Active cases 107 0.25%
Cases no longer in isolation 3,112
Chart highlighting the number of active cases of COVID-19

Active cases include individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 and are currently in isolation. The number of reported cases includes students, faculty and staff who tested positive while either working at BYU or enrolled in classes during fall semester (beginning August 28) and have been physically present in the local campus community. There are 43,000 people in the campus community this fall semester.


Pre-Thanksgiving Student Screening Tests Number of Tests Positivity Rate
Nov. 18 2,225 1.26%
Nov. 19 1,783 1.12%
Nov. 20 1,765 1.15%
Nov. 21 1,406 1.04%
TOTAL 7,179 1.20%

Positive cases from the voluntary pre-Thanksgiving student screening testing are included in both the daily active case count above and the cumulative case count below. The student screening tests are rapid antigen point-of-care diagnostic tests.


Fall Semester Data
Cases Percentage of Campus Community
Total reported cases 3,219 7.5%
Seven-day rolling average of new cases 22

chart showing the average rise in new COVID-19 cases

Weekly Summary Daily Average Weekly Total
Week 1 (8/28–9/3) 11 77
Week 2 (9/4–9/10) 31.6 221
Week 3 (9/11–9/17) 65.6 461
Week 4 (9/18–9/24) 66 462
Week 5 (9/25–10/1) 38.7 271
Week 6 (10/2–10/8) 24.7 173
Week 7 (10/9–10/15) 21 147
Week 8 (10/16–10/22) 20 140
Week 9 (10/23–10/29) 24.1 169
Week 10 (10/30–11/05) 30.9 216
Week 11 (11/06–11/12) 38.6 270
Week 12 (11/13–11/19) 45 316
Week 13 (11/20–11/26) 30 210

Note: There may be small differences in the Weekly Summary chart as BYU continues to receive additional information.

This data is based on the number of cases reported to BYU each week from a variety of sources including random testing, self-reporting, the BYU Student Health Center, the Healthy Together app, the pre-Thanksgiving student screening testing and focused, risk-based testing.

Total number of reported cases during summer term (166), spring term (16) and winter semester (21): 203.

We ask the BYU campus community to help us track the spread of COVID-19. If you have tested positive for the virus or are awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test, please fill out this form.

COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form

This information will help us to reduce the spread of the disease by making sure appropriate areas of campus are cleaned and disinfected.

    Questions? Contact the BYU COVID-19 Hotline at 801-422-7662 or email

    Message from President Worthen

    This past March we saw an incredible effort take place on our campus as we moved to remote coursework. I am thankful for the work of our faculty and staff, who through innovation and determination, made sure our students continued to receive a superb education. I am also grateful to our students, who adapted almost overnight to a new and different way of learning. The swift action helped slow the pandemic's immediate impact on our campus community and allowed us to move forward as a university.

    With fall semester now approaching, safely returning to campus will be just as important and just as challenging. Thanks to the dedicated work of many BYU faculty, administrators and staff, we are now announcing plans for an in-person fall semester. This decision is subject to change depending on trends in disease prevalence and guidance from state and local governments.

    Fall semester 2020 will begin, and perhaps remain, unlike any other semester at BYU. The return to campus will involve a wide range of adjustments including:

    • Phased return of students to BYU on-campus housing
    • Hybrid classes that combine in-person and remote learning
    • Expanded number of BYU Online courses
    • COVID-19 testing for sick individuals and some testing of asymptomatic individuals
    • Contact tracing in partnership with the Utah County Health Department
    • Phased approach for reintroducing activities and events
    • Required use of masks by students, faculty, staff and visitors
    • A shift to remote instruction and exams after Thanksgiving

    We're sharing the general plans with you today and will keep detailed updates coming as fall semester draws near.

    For this to succeed, we all have to play our part. The BYU mission statement says that all relationships within the BYU community should reflect "a loving, genuine concern for the welfare of our neighbor." Certainly that can be our motivation for wearing a mask, washing our hands often, and staying home when we're sick. We can react with empathy when someone we know tests positive for COVID-19. We can fight the virus of contempt with kindness even as we debate how to best respond as a society to the pandemic.

    That genuine love for each other is what will make this year's BYU experience a remarkable period of growth for each one of us. We look forward to safely gathering soon.

    Kevin J Worthen
    BYU President