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Activities and Events

It is important to understand that fall semester 2020 will begin, and perhaps remain, unlike any other semester at BYU. As part of a phased approach to returning to BYU, there will be significant restrictions on activities and events. The beginning of fall semester will include a very limited number of on-campus gatherings and events that will be planned in accordance with state and county guidance. Students should also be aware of and comply with state and county restrictions on the size and nature of social gatherings as they plan their own activities.

If circumstances allow, some additional activities and events may be approved. Event organizers must receive initial approval from the responsible vice president before beginning the  Event Approval Process  through BYU Risk Management and Safety. Final approval may be granted by the responsible vice president once the process is complete.

Determinations for when and how BYU will resume public events, including BYU Arts performances and BYU Athletics events, will be made in accordance with state and county guidance as well as guidance from other external partners such as the NCAA and athletic conferences.