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Employee Information

Working from Home

Supervising units will determine whether employees can work from home or are required to be on campus. BYU encourages working from home when possible. Departments should minimize face-to-face interaction and minimize in-person meetings. Human Resources has provided more information on working from home.

Working on Campus

Employees should stay home if they have symptoms of illness. Before going to work each day, employees should specifically self-assess for signs of fever, cough or difficulty breathing. BYU employees are strongly encouraged to utilize the Healthy Together App to assist with this. Employees who are symptomatic should be seen by a health care professional. Employees who test positive for COVID-19 should report the test result promptly to the university using this form.

Managers and supervisors will monitor employees for illness, and in some areas of campus, may perform temperature checks of employees. Supervisors will direct employees to return home if they exhibit any symptoms of illness while at work. Supervisors may contact BYU’s Compensation Department for guidance regarding employees who do not have sick leave as an option.

BYU employees whose work requires them to be on campus, will carefully adhere to disease prevention practices. This includes:

  • Physical distancing
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Routine cleaning of work area
  • Use of masks

All supervisors should be familiar and comply with the general employer precautions, as well as any other specifically applicable portions of Utah's COVID-19 Business Manual or BYU's website.

University Related Travel

BYU continues to restrict all business-related travel until further notice. Students and employees from different households may travel together in the same vehicle if masks are worn and the duration of travel is less than 15 minutes.