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Frequently Asked Questions

Are vaccinations required?

BYU strongly encourages vaccination but at this point BYU is not requiring every employee or student to receive the COVID-19 vaccination to be on campus in Provo this upcoming semester. However, vaccination may be required for certain travel, research, or other programs to be determined in conjunction with applicable regulations and other guidelines.

Where can I get vaccinated?

Vaccine appointments are readily available throughout Utah, including the BYU Student Health Center. You can also visit to find a location near you.

Is there is a case count that would be the threshold at which BYU would need to move back to remote learning?

There is not a specific case threshold, but rather a variety of factors BYU is considering that would impact the ability to maintain an on-campus experience. This includes disease prevalence both on and off campus, local hospital capacity, and BYU's capacity to isolate or quarantine those living in on-campus housing.

Additional questions?

Contact the BYU COVID-19 Hotline at 801-422-7662 or email