On-Campus Housing

Frequently Asked Questions

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Apartment Selection/Contracting

The apartment selection process tells me that I can’t live on campus because I’ve been evicted. Why?

Go back the first part of the contracting process. Did you check both boxes? Checking the boxes indicates that you have never been evicted and are not a convicted sex offender. Both of these boxes must be checked in order to contract for an apartment.

How do I know if I successfully secured an apartment?

Log into your My Housing Account. If you successfully contracted for an apartment you will have received a message saying "Agreement Submitted." Also, on the right side of the page look under "Future Accommodations." Your apartment will be listed there. There are two parts to the contracting process. If you submitted Part 1, your spouse will need to submit Part 2 before the apartment will be secured.

My spouse isn’t a student. Why do they need a NetID?

Both you and your spouse need to sign the contract. Since the contract is online, you both need NetID's. If you or your spouse does not have a NetID, you may create one here.

How do I get a NetID for my spouse if they are not a BYU student?

You can follow this link. You may also go to the BYU homepage and click "Log in to MyBYU." To the right of the fields for the NetID and password is a link for those who do not have a NetID to create one.

I’m getting married. When can I move-in?

You may contract for any apartment with an availability date no earlier than 30 days before your marriage date.

Can I get on a waiting list for housing?

There is not a waiting list for on-campus housing.

I want a 1-bedroom apartment and there are none available. Will more become available?

Possibly. It depends on who submits a termination notice in the next little while. Compared to the number of 2-bedroom apartments, there are not very many 1-bedroom apartments and the ones that we have tend to get selected very quickly.

Why aren't there more apartments available in August/December?

Tenants are required to give 30 days notice of termination. If you’re looking for an apartment a few months out from now, we may just not know who’s moving out yet. If you’re trying to contract for something at the end of August or December, we have a lot of people trying to move in and the apartments available get selected very quickly.

I contracted for an apartment, but a different one became available and I'd rather have that one. Can I switch?

If your contract has not yet begun: In order to change apartments you will need to submit a "Family Housing Petition" requesting to cancel your current agreement. After that agreement has been canceled you may sign an agreement for a new apartment. We cannot hold the second apartment while you cancel the first, so it is possible that another couple could contract for the second apartment while you’re canceling the first. If your contract has already begun, you may not change to a different apartment until you have lived there for four months.

Moving In

Can I move-in early to my apartment?

You might be able to, depending on the cleaning schedule and whether or not we can have the apartment ready for you earlier than anticipated. If you want to move in earlier than your contract start date, you can call the Wymount Terrace office the day before you want to move in. They will check the apartment cleaning schedule to see if your apartment is ready.

If I move in later can I get a refund on the rent?

Your contract begins on the start date. Even if you don’t move in, you are responsible for the rent starting from that date.

Living On Campus

Who can live in Wymount Terrace?

Students, their spouses, and their dependent children, forming their immediate family. Parents, siblings, nieces, nephews, cousins, etc, do not count as immediate family members.

Can my younger brother/sister/cousin/niece/nephew/etc live with us?

Wymount is for students and their immediate family, i.e. spouse and/or dependent children. Siblings, cousins, and extended family do not qualify as immediate family so they may not live with you in Wymount Terrace.

Can single-parent families live in Wymount?

If you are the head of a single-parent family and a current BYU student you are welcome to live in Wymount Terrace, provided you have full custody of your child(ren).

Do I have to be taking classes to live on-campus?

To be eligible for on-campus housing you must be an admitted full-time, day continuing, BYU student enrolled in classes. As an undergrad, you must be registered for at least 9 credits per semester in fall and winter and at least 4 credits per term during spring and summer. Graduate students must be enrolled in at least 2 credits per semester or term. UVU students, evening students, and ELC students are not eligible to live on-campus. If you will not be taking classes over spring and summer, you may remain in Wymount terrace if you have lived there for the previous two semesters and you will be a full time student during the fall.

Do you offer furniture rentals?

Furniture rentals are available in the Wymount Terrace Office. You may go there in person or call them at 801-422-2549.

What utilites are available?

Gas, water, sewer/refuse removal, IPTV (not cable), and high-speed wireless internet connection are included in rent. Telephone landlines are not available. Tenants are responsible for electricity.

Are there dishwashers?

No. We encourage you to buy a drying rack, towels, dish rags or sponges, and dish soap.

Are the stoves gas or electric?

Stoves in complexes 1-7 and 16-17 are fueled by gas. Stoves in buildings 8-15 are electric.

Is there air conditioning?

Wymount Terrace apartments are not air conditioned. You are welcome to purchase a swamp cooler/window unit and install it in your apartment, just make sure it’s installed correctly. You may also purchase fans or rent them from the Wymount Terrace Office.

How long can we have guests? Do we need approval?

You may have guests for up to two weeks without needing approval. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests at all times. If you want to have guests for more than two weeks you must submit a Family Housing Petition through your My Housing Account.

How do I give my termination notice?

In your My Housing Account, click "Housing Agreement" under the "Family Housing" tab, and click the link to "Submit Termination Notice." Calling us, emailing us, or submitting a petition are not valid means of submitting termination notice. Don’t forget, termination notices must be submitted at least 30 days before you move out. If proper notice is not given, you will be liable for the apartment for 30 days from submittion of your termination notice.