On-Campus Housing

The following information is applicable to prospective residents of Helaman Halls, Heritage Halls, and Wyview Park who turned 19 prior to January 1, 2016 and those who are returning residents. Room selection for the Foreign Language Student Residence is done through the college of Humanities.

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When do I select a room in a 19 and Older Community?    

Students who are admitted to the university are automatically eligible to live in on-campus housing. No additional application is necessary.

Fall-Winter Semesters 2017-18

  • Room selection will become available starting February 7, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. for returning residents, 1:00 p.m. for returning missionaries, and 3:00 p.m. for all other continuing students who turned 19 prior to January 1, 2017.
  • Deferred Returning Missionaries - You will be permitted to select housing when room selection opens. Your ability to select housing has no bearing on your admission status. If you are unable to select housing when room selection opens, please contact the Campus Accommodations Office at 801-422-7350.
  • You may see a list of available rooms by selecting View Available Rooms from the "Students 19 and Older" tab on the On-Campus Housing website. In order to choose a room, log in to My Housing Account and select "Housing Agreement (Room Selection)" from the Single Housing tab.
  • There is no guarantee of space availability. If there is not space available in your preferred type of room, please add yourself to the Waiting List.

Winter Semester 2018

  • The Winter Only 2018 Waiting List will be available beginning at 10:00 a.m. on November 7, 2017.
    • You may obtain information regarding how to add your name to the waiting list by clicking here.
    • Availability is dependent on cancellations from current residents.
  • Once waiting list requests are met, any additional spaces that become available can be seen by selecting View Available Rooms from the "Students 19 and Older" tab on the On-Campus Housing website then select "Winter Only 2018". In order to choose a room, log in to My Housing Account and select "Housing Agreement (Room Selection)" from the Single Housing tab.
  • You may also see listings for people searching for replacements on the View Available Rooms link.

When do I select a meal plan?

You may select a meal plan as part of the room selection process. If you do not select a meal plan when you select a room, you may do so later through My Dining Account.

Information about meal plans may be found here.

How do I select a room and meal plan?

  1. On your Room Selection Date, log in to My Housing Account shortly before your Room Selection Time. Do not log in to your My Housing Account from multiple electronic devices as it may keep you from selecting a bed space.

  2. Go to the Single Housing tab and select "Housing Agreement" from the drop down menu to choose your agreement period. Students accepted for Summer Term should select their Summer Term housing space first, then repeat the process for Fall-Winter Semesters where they may be able to select the same space selected for Summer Term, if desired.

  3. Select a room by choosing the housing area, building, floor, and bed you would like from the available spaces. On the floor plans, available beds will be green, beds on hold will be yellow, and beds that have already been selected will be red. Uncolored (white) beds are not available for room selection. When you select your bed, it will turn blue. The bed will be held for 1 hour, allowing you time to complete and submit your agreement. If you do not complete and submit an agreement for the space within 1 hour, the space will be released for others to select.

  4. Place holds for other students. See "How do I hold a bed for a friend/friends in my room/apartment?" below.

  5. Create a personal profile which includes some of your likes, dislikes, habits and standards of living. This profile will be visible to other students looking at your room/apartment once you have selected a bed. You will also be able to see the profiles of potential roommates by clicking on the red bed spaces in a given room.

  6. Check both eligibility boxes, where they apply, stating that you have never been evicted and are not a sex offender.

  7. Create a confidential Housing Identifier, which acts as a password on your housing and dining records. You may also designate individuals to whom you would like to give access to your housing and dining information. This step is in compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Anyone calling our office regarding your housing and dining records will need to provide your Housing Identifier to receive specific information over the phone. For more information click here.

  8. Select a meal plan and read through the Terms and Conditions before submitting your agreement(s). Note: Helaman Halls residents are required to have a full meal plan. Residents in Heritage Halls and Wyview Park are encouraged to select a meal plan as well, although it is not a requirement.

  9. Print a copy of the confirmation page to keep for your records.

  10. Those students selecting summer housing and who will also be selecting a room for the following Fall-Winter Semesters, will need to immediately repeat this process for the following Fall-Winter Semesters.

  11. Pay your $50 Processing Fee and $100 Security Deposit in My Financial Center under Unpaid Charges.

A copy of your agreement may be viewed through the agreement confirmation message posted to your My Housing Account message board after you submit your agreement. Contact the Campus Accommodations Office immediately at 801-422-2611 if you do not receive the confirmation message.

How do I hold a bed for a friend/friends in my room/apartment?

To hold a bed, select it and enter the NetID of your friend when prompted. Please note that you must use your friend's NetID. Names, BYU ID#'s, etc. will not be accepted. Your friend now has exactly one hour to log in and accept the hold before it expires.

You may repeat this process to hold a bed for an eligible friend as many times as there are available beds in your room/apartment. An eligible friend is one who turned 19 before January 1, 2017, or who is a returning resident.

Do you have a group wanting to live in the same apartment? - If you do not see an apartment with enough beds to accommodate your group, please contact the Campus Accommodations Office at 801-422-2611. It is possible that an apartment can be made available for you.

How do I change to a different room?

You may select a different room at any time before or during the agreement period on My Housing Account by selecting "Housing Agreement (Room Selection)" from the Single Housing tab. Select the semester/term and click on "Find a Different Room" at the bottom of the page.

Available beds will appear green; you are welcome to select any of these. A bed appears orange if its current resident has indicated that he or she might be willing to swap rooms with another resident (see further room swap information below).

What Are My Room Swap Preferences?

  • By default, your Room Swap Preferences are set so you will not receive any Room Swap Requests. However, if you choose to, you may change your Room Swap Preferences to accept Room Swap Requests from the following people:
    • People from your same building only
    • People from your same housing area only
    • People from anywhere in On-Campus Housing
  • If you change your Room Swap Preferences, your bed will become "swappable" (orange) in the Room Selection process only to other residents who meet the conditions you specify in your Room Swap Preferences. Other residents will be able to send you a Room Swap Request, which will be posted as a message to your Message Board in My Housing Account. You will have 48 hours to accept the request, should you choose to do so.

How Do I Change My Room Swap Preferences?

  • Log in to My Housing Account.
  • Select "Housing Agreement (Room Selection)" from the Single Housing tab.
  • Select the semester or term.
  • Under the "Room Swap Preferences" section, indicate your desired room swap preferences and click the "Save My Preferences".

How Do I Send A Room Swap Request?

  • Log in to My Housing Account.
  • Choose the semester/term for which you would like a room swap.
  • Under the "Agreement Options" section, select "Find a Different Room", select the effective date, and click "Continue".
    This will take you in to begin the Room Selection process, just like when you selected your room the first time.
  • Select your desired housing area.
    When you do, you will see a box appear with a list of all the buildings in your selected housing area and how many beds are available in each building. Please note that this count includes both empty (green) beds as well as swappable (orange) beds.
  • Select your desired building from the list.
  • Select your desired floor.
  • You should see a floor plan of the floor you selected. Click on your desired room/apartment that has a green or orange bed.
    The following legend indicates possible colors you will see and what they mean:

  • Bed Color Meaning
    Green Bed is available
    Yellow Bed is on hold
    Orange Bed is swappable
    Red Bed is already taken
    White Bed is unavailable for you
  • If you click on a red or orange bed, you will be asked if you would like to see the responses to the Profile Questions of the person who has selected that bed. Select "View Preferences" to see their responses.
    To request the swap, click "Request Swap".
    Review the Swap Confirmation page and select "Confirm Swap".
  • If you click on a green bed, the bed will be placed on hold for you for one hour while you finish and submit the room swap. If the other bed in the room is also green, you will be given the option to place that bed on hold for a friend. If the bed is unavailable or you do not want to place it on hold, continue to Step 5.
    Fill out or edit the Preference Survey and continue to Step 6
    Check the Housing eligibility boxes, where they apply, stating you have never been evicted and are not a sex offender.
    Look over your FERPA information and make any necessary changes. Select whether or not you want to give certain individuals access to your housing records and if BYU can provide information to on-campus stakes/wards of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the purpose of obtaining membership records.
  • In the Meal Plan Preference section, you can keep your current meal plan by clicking the link to "Continue to Step 8".
    If you would like to change your meal plan, you may do so by going to My Dining Account once the room swap has occurred.
    If you select a different meal plan than what you have currently, please note that your meal plan will only be changed if the room swap request is accepted and approved. If it is not, there will be no change made to your meal plan.
  • Read the Terms & Conditions, check the box certifying your agreement at the bottom, and then click the "Agree - Confirm Swap" button.
  • A message of confirmation will post to your Message Board in My Housing Account indicating you have made a Room Swap Request. When and if the Room Swap is accepted and approved, you will again be notified via a message on your Message Board.

What Happens Next?

  • A message will post to the other resident's Message Board in My Housing Account informing them of the Room Swap Request. This message will contain a link which he/she can use to accept or reject the Room Swap Request within 48 hours. After 48 hours, the Room Swap Request expires.
  • If the Room Swap Request is for the current semester/term, it must also be approved by the hall advisors of both students involved in the swap. If the Room Swap Request is for a semester/term which hasn't begun yet, approval from the hall advisor is not required.
  • You will be notified via a message on your Message Board if the Room Swap has been performed.
  • If a Room Swap Request expires, gets rejected, or is not approved, you will not be allowed to submit another Room Swap Request for that same space. You may, however, submit a request for a different bed.

How Do I Cancel My Room Swap Request?

If your Room Swap Request has already been performed, you cannot cancel it. If, however, your Room Swap Request is still pending (i.e. hasn't been accepted and approved), you may cancel it by doing the following:

  • Log in to My Housing Account.
  • Under the Single Housing tab, select "Housing Agreement (Room Selection)".
  • Select the semester or term.
  • Under the "Change Your Room and Bed Selection" section, select "Cancel Swap Request".

Whether you are changing or swapping, make sure to obtain a confirmation number after submitting an agreement for the new space.