On-Campus Housing

Heritage Halls construction areas

Construction will soon begin again in the Heritage Halls complex as four additional buildings will be added to the eight new residence halls. In order to have room to build the four structures, 10 existing residence halls will be demolished. This process will begin November 2013.

November 2013

In conjunction with the demolition, the access to 900 East that is south of Gates Hall will close. In addition, the parking that has been available for your use between the buildings in "upper Heritage" (Carroll, Fugal, Gates, E. Richards, Tingey, Whitney and Young Halls) as well as immediately south of Fugal Hall will no longer be accessible. Please remove all vehicles and bicycles from this area (as shown at left) by November 10.

The pedestrian walkway between Young and Whitney Halls will remain open during this period, until December 21.

December 2013

Beginning December 21, parking lot #25 located in the center of Heritage Halls will permanently close (as shown at left). With this closure we encourage residents not needing a vehicle to consider taking their vehicle home with them at the end of fall semester. Once lot #25 closes, the parking location for Heritage Halls residents is west of LaVell Edwards Stadium in the designated Heritage Halls parking area. Residents choosing to keep a vehicle should review this page to ensure they park in the appropriate location.

Bicycles in the bike racks around Horne, Maeser and Penrose Halls should also be moved to other bike rack locations in Heritage Halls. If you are unaware of what options you have please consult your Hall Advisor or Resident Assistant.

This construction project will also disrupt pedestrian traffic. Students should use 900 East or the pedestrian ramp by the bell tower in order to access locations south and west of the construction site.