On-Campus Housing

Heritage Halls off-site parking

Fall-Winter 2018-19

During the term of your contract Heritage Halls parking will transition from Lot 20 to a new lot located between the BYU Laundry building and Wymount Terrace. Please see the map below for the current parking location and the future parking location.

As there is no on-site parking available at Heritage Halls, residents may park off-site in Lot 20 (West of the Harman Building and Conference Center) and in Lot 45 (West of LaVell Edwards Stadium) as explained below.

  • Heritage Halls residents utilizing the off-site parking in Lot 20 are required to park in the B zone, rows 7 through 13. This designated parking is limited to 374 stalls for the 2,500 Heritage Halls residents, and is available on a first-come first-served basis. Each row is clearly numbered and signs will be posted. This parking is not exclusive to Heritage Halls residents as during regular parking hours students with Y stickers may park in these rows. Only Heritage Halls residents will have credentials to park overnight in this section of lot 20. See photo below.
  • Heritage Halls residents utilizing the off-site parking in lot 45 are required to park in the B zone. The designated parking is in the southwest corner of the lot, next to the University Parkway Center, and vehicles are required to be moved from the lot by 7:00 p.m. the night before home football games. Vehicles can be moved to the Y parking in Lot 20 (non-Heritage parking at the west end of the lot). Vehicles must be returned to Heritage Halls authorized parking areas by 10:00 AM the morning after the game.
    2018 Home Football Schedule (subject to change)
    Saturday - Sep. 8
    Saturday - Sep. 22
    Friday - Oct. 5
    Saturday - Oct. 13
    Saturday - Oct. 27
    Saturday - Nov. 17
  • Heritage Halls residents do not need to purchase a parking permit to utilize the designated B zone parking, but vehicles must be registered at: https://police.byu.edu/content/parking-permit-instructions
  • Tickets may be issued to Heritage Halls residents who park outside designated "B" zones. Parking on neighboring residential streets creates congestion, is inconvenient for our neighbors, and is discouraged.