On-Campus Housing

Heritage Halls off-site parking

Fall-Winter 2017-18

As there is no on-site parking available at Heritage Halls, residents may park off-site in Lot 20 (West of the Harman Building and Conference Center) and in Lot 45 (West of LaVell Edwards Stadium) as explained below.

  • Heritage Halls residents utilizing the off-site parking in Lot 20 are required to park in the B zone, rows 7 through 13. This designated parking is limited to 374 stalls for the 2,500 Heritage Halls residents, and is available on a first-come first-served basis. Each row is clearly numbered and signs will be posted. This parking is not exclusive to Heritage Halls residents as during regular parking hours students with Y stickers may park in these rows. Only Heritage Halls residents will have credentials to park overnight in this section of lot 20. See photo below.
  • Heritage Halls residents utilizing the off-site parking in lot 45 are required to park in the B zone. The designated parking is in the southwest corner of the lot, next to the University Parkway Center, and vehicles are required to be moved from the lot by 7:00 p.m. the night before home football games. Vehicles can be moved to the Y parking in Lot 20 (non-Heritage parking at the west end of the lot). Vehicles must be returned to Heritage Halls authorized parking areas by 10:00 AM the morning after the game.
    2017 Home Football Schedule (subject to change)
    Saturday - Aug. 26
    Saturday - Sep. 9
    Saturday - Sep. 16
    Friday - Oct. 6
    Saturday - Oct. 28
    Saturday - Nov. 18
  • Heritage Halls residents do not need to purchase a parking permit to utilize the designated B zone parking, but vehicles must be registered at: https://police.byu.edu/content/parking-permit-instructions
  • Tickets may be issued to Heritage Halls residents who park outside designated "B" zones. Parking on neighboring residential streets creates congestion, is inconvenient for our neighbors, and is discouraged.