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Helaman Halls


Hinckley Hall Advisor
Floor R.A.
1100 Floor Abigail Williams
1200 Floor MackKenzie Parsons
2100 Floor Alene Graham
2200 Floor Xanthea Nikopoulos
3100 Floor TBD
3200 Floor TBD


Chipman Hall Advisor
Floor R.A.
1100 Floor Emily Aranda
1200 Floor Ashley Rumsey
2100 Floor Ashley Brown
2200 Floor TBD
3100 Floor TBD
3200 Floor TBD

Kate Ellis

David John Hall Advisor
Kathryn Ellis I was born and raised in Michigan and Minnesota but moved to Utah for the last two years of high school. I am the 3rd of 11 kids and love hanging out with my family including my 6 niecen and nephewen (any Brian Reagan fans?). I studied Art at Snow College and served a mission in Phoenix, Arizona before transferring to BYU. I majored in Illustration with a minor in Psychology here at BYU and love learning new things. I worked as an RA for 2 years which is how I met my husband Jeremy. We love rock climbing, hiking, camping, snow shoeing, and road trips. So that's a little about me. Please come help me get to know you better. If you have any questions or wanna visit, that's what I'm here for. I look forward to meeting you!
Floor R.A.
1100 Floor Sarah Cotton
1200 Floor Crystal Montgomery
2100 Floor Danielle Moore
2200 Floor Megan Moore
3100 Floor TBD
3200 Floor Laekn Cates

Abigail Porter

Taylor Hall Advisor
Abigail Porter Hi, and welcome to Taylor Hall! I'm Abby Porter and I enjoy long walks on the beach and Bollywood movies. I'm from North Carolina and went to Duke, and I was an RA there for two years. I majored in Public Policy, graduated in December 2010, and moved to Utah, where my husband Doug is attending BYU and majoring in Spanish Translation and Portuguese. My husband and I have been married for over three years, and we have a cherished avocado tree that we raised from a seed - I'm accepting recommendations for its name. We love tap dancing and reading, and my fondest ambition is to start a garage band. I absolutely loved being an RA at Duke and decided that I want to continue working in Residence Life, which is why I'm here! I'd love to get to know you better, so come on by!
Floor R.A.
1100 Floor Eden Duncan
1200 Floor Alexandra Smith
2100 Floor Kimberlee Raymond
2200 Floor TBD
3100 Floor TBD
3200 Floor TBD

Stephanie Stacey

Stover Hall Advisor
Stephanie Stacey Hello and welcome to Helaman Halls! My name is Stephanie Stacey; I am from Crescent City, a small town in Northern California. I miss the ocean, redwood trees and rain. I love being outside - hiking, biking and just enjoying nature. I studied Psychology here at BYU and I am about to start a graduate program in Academic Advising. I love helping others and working with people. I worked for BYU Residence Life for most of my undergrad years as a Resident Assistant here at Helaman Halls where I further developed and strengthened my love for working with and helping others. BYU is a wonderful place and I have enjoyed studying and living here and I'm sure you will too! If you have any questions, let me know! I am here to help. Please stop by and say hello so I can get to know you!
Floor R.A.
1100 Floor Sarah Herzig
1200 Floor Katherine Ledbetter
2100 Floor Lily Bowman
2200 Floor Heidy Hill
3100 Floor TBD
3200 Floor TBD

Libby Bushman

Merrill Hall Advisor
Libby Pond Hello! My name is Libby Pond, and I am the hall advisor for Merrill Hall. I was the hall advisor for Chipman Hall for a year, and have worked for housing for a long time. I'm getting married in August to Austin Bushman and am looking forward to married life! I graduated from BYU in April 2011 with a degree in Marriage, Family, and Human Development. I served a mission in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 2007-2009. I learned a ton from serving a mission and going to BYU. I am from Vancouver, Washington. I love the Pacific Northwest! I am the middle of 5 kids, and miss the rain! I am excited to meet you and help in anyway. Come say Hello!
Floor R.A.
1200 Floor Dakota Williams
2200 Floor Daniel Johnston
3200 Floor Logan Horning

Spencer Fields

May Hall Advisor
Spencer Fields My name is Spencer Fields, and I am the Hall Advisor in May Hall. I am very excited for this school year. I am from San Jose, California, and am the eldest of three children. I served as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Massachusetts Boston Mission. I studied Family History at BYU. I have been working with on-campus housing since 2004 as both a Resident Assistant and as a Hall Advisor. I met my wonderful wife, Kim, in a family history class, and we were married in May 2010. I love reading, biking, singing, taking pictures, and talking with people. I love BYU. I love living and working in the residence halls with the wonderful people who live here. I sincerely hope that I can help those living in May Hall have the most wonderful experience possible. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, or to just stop by the office and say hi.
Floor R.A.
1100 Floor Giuseppe Jenkins
1200 Floor Griffin Laker
2100 Floor Landon Hajje
2200 Floor TBD
3100 Floor TBD
3200 Floor TBD

Caitlin Myler

Building 9 Hall Advisor
Caitlin Myler Hi, and welcome Building 9! I grew up in central New York and went to school at SUNY (State University of New York) Potsdam, where I graduated with a bachelor's degree in vocal performance. Potsdam is where I met my husband, Abe, who is now studying here at BYU for a master's in orchestral conducting, and where I fell in love with performing. We love hiking, biking, reading, exploring, going to music performances (not just Classical!), and figuring out how to raise our son Rhys (it rhymes with "peace"), who was born in April 2013. Though we miss the constant green of rainy upstate New York, we have had a great time getting to know Utah this past year and are looking forward to discovering even more. BYU is such an incredible place to be! I look forward to getting to know you as well, so stop by the office sometime to chat or ask questions.
Floor R.A.
1100 Floor Jonathan Erickson
1200 Floor Travis Alvarez
2100 Floor Conor Sullivan
2200 Floor TBD
3100 Floor TBD
3200 Floor TBD

Heritage Halls

Tommy Scherbel

Broadbent, Felt, Fox, and Harris Hall Advisor
Tommy Scherbel I’m Thomas Scherbel, but everyone calls me Tommy. I was married in June 2012, to my fantastic wife, Camberlea. I am from Afton, Wyoming, and I enjoy any and all sports. Before becoming a Hall Advisor, I was a Resident Assistant for three years. During that time I learned, along with 120 other young men I assisted, how continual growth will help me reach my potential. I am a Civil Engineering Major, graduating in December of 2013, but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to help as many people as I can enjoy their time while living in BYU housing.
Floor R.A.
Broadbent Hall Jansen McQuivey
Felt Hall David Watson
Fox Hall Allyson Morgan
Harris Hall Taylor Lepper


Horne, Maeser, Penrose, and Carroll Hall Advisor
Floor R.A.
Horne Hall Kirsten Webber
Maeser Hall MChad Hugie
Penrose Hall Elizabeth Steele
Carroll Hall Stephan Shepherd

Lacey Reynolds

Heritage Halls 9 Hall Advisor
Lacey Reynolds My name is Lacey Reynolds. I am native to Provo, Utah … born and raised. I graduated from BYU in Marriage Family and Human Development. While at BYU I was an RA here in Helaman Halls for 2 years. I gorged myself on amazing mangos and pineapples while I served the people of the Brasil Joao Pessoa Mission. I went on to get a Master’s Degree from the University of Utah in Occupational Therapy and loved working with the pediatric outpatient population in Twin Falls, Idaho. I have been married to my husband, Jeremy, for 3 years. Ours is an interesting story if you ever want to know. We have one son, Ryan Reynolds...not the actor. I love Brasil Futebol, sugar, textures, and am beginning to pick up running and yoga. I also am an eclectic in music and you will often find me in the office listening to all kinds of music.
Floor R.A.
1st Floor Emily Regis
2nd Floor MacKayla thyfault
3rd Floor Alyssa Bybee
4th Floor Kwaghdoo Kakaan

Brittany Littlefield

Heritage Halls 25 Hall Advisor
Brittany Littlefield I was born and raised in Southern California. At 18, I left my hometown for BYU-Idaho. I loved the school and the (freezing) climate but felt that I needed to be somewhere else. I transferred to BYU with my associates degree and recently graduated with a degree in family life and an emphasis in human development. I have been married to my high school sweetheart Mark for just over three years. I have had the privilege to be an RA both in Idaho and Provo. It is awesome to be part of a gospel-centered community and have others to lean on and learn from. I look forward to being able to help students learn and grow both spiritually and mentally!
Floor R.A.
1st Floor Hayley DiReda
2nd Floor Lacey Schmoekel
3rd Floor Kaushay Colvin
4th Floor Shaina Machado

Lessa Petrini

Heritage Halls 26 Hall Advisor
Lessa Petrini This fall marks 10 years that I've been involved with Residence Life. I started as a member of the RHA council as a Freshman and I've worked first as an RA and then as a Hall Advisor on and off in the 9 years since then. My husband and I met here at BYU and have been married for 7 years. We have two daughters who are loud and energetic. I enjoy running, reading, listening to loud music and spending time with my family. My years as a student at BYU were some of the most fun and growth promoting years of my life. So, welcome! You've got a great year ahead!
Floor R.A.
1st Floor Brian Lingam
2nd Floor Canute Peterson
3rd Floor Alex Luke
4th Floor Brent Duford


Young and Heritage Halls 27 Hall Advisor
Floor R.A.
Young Hall TBD
Heritage Halls 27:
1st Floor Jenna Koford
2nd Floor Catherine Barrett
3rd Floor Savanna Sorensen
4th Floor Ashley Fillerup

Kristen Kennedy

Heritage Halls 28 Hall Advisor
Kristen Kennedy Hello! My name is Kristen Kennedy, and I am so excited to be a Hall Advisor in Heritage Halls. I was born and raised in Woodland, California, and was there until the bright lights of Y Mountain called me to Provo, Utah. I have worked for Residence Life for quite a few years; I just can't get enough! I graduated in School Health Education from BYU, with minors in Driver Education and Theatre Arts Studies. I had many adventures on my mission in Bulgaria, and the adventures as a Hall Advisor keep me on my toes every year!
Floor R.A.
1st Floor Cassady Mecate
2nd Floor Kristine Jolley
3rd Floor Brittani Elkington
4th Floor Rachel Kimball

Maida Rasmussen

Heritage Halls 29 Hall Advisor
Maida Rasmussen Hi and welcome to BYU! My name is Maida Rasmussen (pronounced Mayduh) and I’m the hall advisor for Heritage Halls 29. I'm originally from Northern California, but attended BYU for my Bachelors and Masters in Speech Language Pathology. Since then, I've worked as a Speech Therapist in Utah and Pennsylvania for the school systems and an early intervention company. I've been married seven years to my best friend and we have two energetic, loving, crazy little girls who'll chat your ear off if you give them a minute! We're excited to be back in the West and back at BYU. I love to hang out with friends and family, go running, play volleyball, hit the slopes on a good powder day, or just relax with a good book. I'm looking forward to this year and getting to know all of you. BYU is an amazing place to live and learn and I hope we can have a great year together! Please don't hesitate to stop by and ask questions or just chat!
Floor R.A.
1st Floor Sarah Beth Brown
2nd Floor Katerine Stevenson
3rd Floor TBD
4th Floor Kaytlen Jones

Danica Flake

Heritage Halls 30 Hall Advisor
Danica Flake I was raised in Canby, Oregon and Pinetop, Arizona. I am a jack of many trades, but my favorite thing to do is organize, plan, and carry out an event or program. This hobby has led me to my career choice: I am completing a degree in recreation management, with an emphasis in community recreation. The dynamic among communities and people fascinates me and I find great satisfaction in participating in the freshman experience and transition into college life. I have worked with Residence Life for four years and get more and more excited for the growing opportunities here, both for myself and for the residents!
Floor R.A.
1st Floor Jordan Smith
2nd Floor Eric Morgan
3rd Floor Frank Robertson
4th Floor Jordan Koford

Wyview Park

Becky Soderquist

Wyview Park Hall Advisor - Buildings 1, 2, 3, and 7
Becky Soderquist Hello and welcome to BYU! My name is Becky Soderquist and I am a hall advisor at Wyview Park. My husband and I met at BYU over ten years ago. We met outside a class we were both early for--it was a magical moment. Five years ago our daughter joined the party. That has also been magical. I enjoy lots of things, like reading, dancing, cooking, and being outdoors but most of all I love being with my family and friends. Please come see me if you need assistance while you're here - I'd love to get to know you and help you connect to the many resources BYU has to offer. It's an incredible place to be. I hope you have a wonderful year!
Floor R.A.
Bldg. 1 Justina Grubb
Bldg. 2 Mike Watson
Bldg. 3 Kevin Baer
Bldg. 7 Meghan Terry

Jessica Green

Wyview Park Hall Advisor - Buildings 4, 5, and 6
Jessica Green Hi, my name is Jessica Green, and I grew up in rural Iowa, so I love to be outside and the color green. I studied at BYU for five years, earned two degrees, and ate a lot of Creamery ice cream. I've been married to my husband Josh for almost six years, and we both love to eat good food, watch movies, and read. Our daughter Giovanna is two years old, and she already looks a lot like her dad. I'm excited to meet all of you, so welcome to Wyview!
Floor R.A.
Bldg. 4 Madison Schraft
Bldg. 5 Michael Cook
Bldg. 6 Jill Ferrell

Stacy Reynolds

Wyview Park Hall Advisor - Buildings 8, 9, and 11
Floor R.A.
Bldg. 8 Isabel Justiniano
Bldg. 9 Alicia Boyd
Bldg. 11 Rebekah Glew

Trisha Shelley

Wyview Park Hall Advisor - Buildings 10, 12, 13, and 14
Floor R.A.
Bldg. 10 Danielle Johnson
Bldg. 12 Polina Etkareva
Bldg. 13 Mike Shepard
Bldg. 14 David Grant