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Ten-year-old violinist Adia is taking her musical talents to new heights after receiving a new device for her prosthetic arm made by BYU's College of Engineering, United Way, and local nonprofit 2ft Prosthetics.
By Tyler Stahle June 01, 2021 09:33 AM
The interconnected reasons your favorite products might be facing a shortage.
By Jenna Knaupp June 08, 2021 04:51 PM
Steven Harper, professor of Church history and doctrine, delivered Tuesday’s devotional address. He spoke on how learning about narratives and metacognition has helped him become a seeker of truth.
By Todd Hollingshead May 27, 2021 06:00 AM
A BYU professor and his team have built the world’s most power-efficient high-speed analog-to-digital converter (ADC) microchip. An ADC is a tiny piece of technology present in almost every electronic piece of equipment that converts analog signals (like a radio wave) to a digital signal.