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BYU's Committee on Race, Equity & Belonging has provided a report & recommendations to President Worthen. Additionally, BYU has released key findings from a national diversity & equity campus climate survey.
By Todd Hollingshead February 23, 2021 07:29 AM
Leaders of U.S. Special Operations Command have turned to the expertise of two Brigham Young University professors for advice on the high-stakes ethical dilemmas their forces face.

By Tyler Stahle February 11, 2021 11:51 AM
For Bill Tayler, Robert J. Smith Professor and Associate Director of BYU's School of Accountancy, the GameStop stock market surge wasn't surprising at all. Tayler predicted a stock market saga like this in a research paper published 13 years ago. In this interview, Tayler describes what happened and what he thinks will come next.
By Christie Allen February 03, 2021 01:47 PM
In the longest study to date on the effects of social media on teens, BYU research found a correlation between time spent on social media and suicidality risk among teenage girls.