On-Campus Housing

Helaman Halls Fall-Winter 2018-19 and Winter Only 2019

Communities Available

Special Offer!

A Special Offer rate is available to all those living at Helaman Halls who are eligible for the 19 and Older Community.

The following details apply to the Special Offer:

  • Special Offer rates are for a shared room with sink and the Dining Dollars Blue 19+ meal plan.
  • The Special Offer rates are available only during Fall and/or Winter Semesters.
  • The Special Offer is a package deal and a different room type and meal plan cannot be substituted.

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Helaman Halls, on the west side of campus, provides room and board accommodations for men and women. The Cannon Center, centrally located within Helaman Halls, features an all-you-care-to-eat dining room, a creamery/grill, and a lounge with a large screen TV. Residents also have access to wireless internet access in the Cannon Center.

Because Helaman Halls residents do not have access to full kitchens they are required to have a full meal plan. Students in the 19 and Older Community at Helaman Halls are eligible for the special offer on the shared room with sink and the Dining Dollars Blue 19+ meal plan. Students may also choose from other meal plan and room type options not included in the special offer.

Wireless internet access* is provided in each building and individual computer leases are available. Laundry facilities, storage areas, piano rooms, and a basement kitchenette (except in Building 9) are accessible in each hall. Facilities also include sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, and large lawn areas. A small refrigerator is provided in each room and is typically 2.5 cubic feet in size. Rooms come without decor.

Rental payments include all utilities, wireless internet access, and Residence Life activities.

On-campus residents should obtain BYU parking registration and park in appropriate university parking BYU lots. Parking on neighboring residential streets causes congestion and inconvenience and is discouraged. Helaman Halls residents do not need to pay to park in designated parking at the Helaman Halls complex.

*Residents now have the freedom to bring their own compatible wireless router and connect it to a BYU network data jack in their apartment for internet access. Click here for more information.


Shared Room with a Sink

The shared room with a sink is a traditional-style college room. The room provides a bed, desk, chair and closet for each student. In addition, an in-room sink offers students a private area to get ready for the day while the provided mini fridge allows students to store perishable items. Beds may be raised on provided bed legs allowing extra storage. In addition, some rooms have a small ledge above the closet for objects like skis and snowboards. Rooms in Building 9 have a different furniture arrangement with a bed on each side of the room, rather than along the same wall as in the other Helaman Halls buildings. Residents of each floor share a common bathroom area with 5-6 private showers w/dressing spaces.

Floor Plan


Fall/Winter 2018-19 - $2,870 *Special Offer rate
Winter Only 2019 - $1,429 *Special Offer rate
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