On-Campus Housing

Area Central Buildings

Helaman Halls

The Cannon Center houses the central office for Helaman Halls. At the front desk, Residence Life staff members are always willing to help you with any housing concerns, from basic questions about the residence halls and campus, to how to change the temperature in your room. If you lose your key or Cougar Cash Card, you may come to the front desk to get a replacement.

Feel free to relax in the lounge area where you can watch TV, surf the web, or just sit and read.

Stop by The Commons at the Cannon Center for a leisurely breakfast, lunch or dinner. In a hurry? Check out the Helaman Creamery right around the corner for a quick meal or snack. Women's Conference and Education Week participants may also add money to their Cougar Cash Card at the register at the Creamery.

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Heritage Halls

The Heritage Halls Central building houses the central office for Heritage Halls. At the front desk, you can get key and Cougar Cash Card replacements, or help with any housing-related questions you may have.

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Wyview Park

The Wyview Park Multi-Purpose building is home to the Wyview Park office and front desk. Residence life staff at the front desk are happy to help with any questions or concerns and provide key and Cougar Cash Card replacements. The office is also located just next door to the Wyview Park Creamery and the on-site laundry facilities.

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