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Your safety and security is one of our top concerns. The university is not exempt from crime. You need to take an active role in ensuring your own safety and the safety of your community.

Residence Halls Doors and Keys

For your safety, the doors at Helaman Halls, Heritage Halls, and the FLSR commons rooms are locked each night after visiting hours and opened again the next morning at 8 a.m.

Residence Hall outer doors at Helaman Halls can be opened by card access, and room doors are opened with a key. At Heritage Halls, your room key opens your bedroom door and card access opens apartment doors and Residence Hall outer doors. Residents of the FLSR and Wyview Park have keys that open their apartment doors only.

If you lose your ID card, immediately deactivate the card through My BYU. If you are unable to log in to My BYU, please report your card lost at the ID Center, 1057 WSC, 801-422-5092.

If you lose your key, notify your hall advisor as soon as possible. A charge for re-keying will be assessed for all lost keys or keys not retuned upon termination of the Agreement.

All residents should keep their apartment and room door(s) locked and carry their keys at all times. Never duplicate your key, or loan it or your card to anyone. Never prop open an outside door, or prevent doors from locking. The university is not liable for any damaged or missing items. Report any problems to university police and to your hall advisor immediately.

Building Safety

Don't force the windows open beyond the locking mechanisms, or tamper with the locks or screens. For privacy and safety reasons, Helaman Halls residents are not allowed to converse through first floor windows.

Don't go onto the ledges or roofs. This is considered trespassing, and carries a minimum $50 fine.

Don't abuse the elevators. Any violation will result in assessment for service and repair.


Guns and other weapons, such as large knives, bows and arrows, swords (including decorative weapons), and paint guns are not allowed on campus. Any firearms, pellet guns, BB and paint guns, wrist rockets, slingshots, and other similar items, as well as ammunition, cannot be stored in the apartment. Violators will be referred to the University Police and Honor Code Office (http://honorcode.byu.edu/), and their rental agreement will be jeopardized.


Safewalk is a service provided by University Police.

Student Health Center

For more information, visit the Student Health Center webpage.

Fire Safety

Fire Regulations

Fire regulations are designed to protect people and facilities. Rooms will be checked periodically to make sure there are no hazards. Any violators will be disciplined on the first offense, and could be asked to leave housing. Those responsible for setting off false alarms or vandalizing fire equipment will be referred to the University Police and could be asked to leave the University.

Helaman Residents and Heritage Residents: Your room/apartment is equipped with a sprinkler for the purpose of fire suppression. The sprinkler is triggered when a heat sensitive chemical expands and breaks a glass tube in the sprinkler head. It will not activate from the presence of smoke alone. It could however, activate if tampered with. Do not hit, hang on, or fasten items to any part of the sprinkler. You could be held responsible for damage resulting from tampering or inappropriate use of the fire sprinkler suppression system. The University is not responsible for any damages or losses which occur because a sprinkler is activated for any reason.

Smoke Detectors and Fire Extinguishers

Smoke detectors should not be covered or blocked. Do not remove the smoke detector or take the batteries out. If your smoke detector "chirps," call Auxiliary Maintenance at 801-422-4411. To replace batteries, contact your RA.

Fire extinguishers are generally located in apartments, corridors, and lobbies, and in the stairwells of Wyview Park. At the beginning of the semester, your resident assistant will instruct you in the proper use of the fire extinguisher. If you need to use a fire extinguisher to put out a small fire, notify your hall advisor immediately so the extinguisher can be recharged.


Review the fire escape route so you will be prepared for an emergency evacuation. To practice emergency evacuation, you will participate in fire drills at least once a semester or term.

Any time you hear the fire alarm, you should:

  1. Close your windows and door
  2. Wear your shoes
  3. Take your room key and ID card
  4. Walk or crawl (if there is smoke) to the nearest exit
  5. Use the stairway, not elevators, to leave

Don't go back into the building until your residence hall staff, a fire officer, or a police officer says it's safe to do so.

If You Find a Fire

  1. Sound the alarm.
  2. Leave the building. Try to rescue others only if you can do so safely. Move away from the building to the designated area.
  3. Call the Fire Department. Dial 911 and give as much information as possible.
  4. Don't try to put out a serious fire yourself. You are important to us. Leave the building and wait for the fire department.

For BYU University Police Dial 801-422-2222
For Emergencies Dial 911


Small appliances are not allowed in the bedrooms. Space heaters and refrigerators are not allowed in the bedrooms/apartments, with the exception of refrigerators provided by the university. We recommend that UL approved irons and popcorn poppers be used in designated areas.

If you need to use extension cords, please keep the number to a minimum, and use only those in good condition. Frayed or worn cords are dangerous.

Fire Hazards

Incense, candles, or any open flames are not allowed in the residence halls. Candle warmers are allowed. Barbecues are only permitted in designated areas.

Please don't store excess paper or other flammable products. Christmas trees must be artificial and treated with a flame retardant.

Do not prop doors open, and keep exits and corridors clear.

Fireworks and Explosives

University Policy prohibits fireworks or other explosive devices in your room or around the halls at any time.