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Apartment Guidelines

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Air Conditioning/Heating

Wymount Terrace apartments do not have installed air conditioning. Portable refrigeration units and evaporative coolers may be used in Wymount Terrace but may not be attached to the buildings. Water lines may not be pierced and attached to refrigeration units or evaporative coolers. Improper installation will result in repair fees. Please see the Wymount Terrace office for more information on how to properly install a window unit.

Wyview Park has central air conditioning.

Contact Auxiliary Maintenance at (801) 422-4411 for all heating problems. Qualified technicians will come to service the gas furnace and water heater. Do not attempt to adjust or light the pilot lights. The water heater has been pre-set to 120° Fahrenheit. When the furnace is in use, the filters will be regularly exchanged. This service is provided so that the heating units operate with maximum efficiency.


Changes, alterations, or additions to the apartments are not permitted, including, but not limited to, painting and installing or replacing appliances and fixtures.


Each apartment has a clipboard outside the door. This clipboard is for Family Housing, Community Aide, and Ward use only.


You are welcome to use freestanding racks in your apartment. However, string clotheslines inside or outside of the apartments are not permitted because of the damage they can cause.


Floors consist of vinyl and carpeting. These coverings are durable and should require only normal care and attention for proper upkeep. Floors should be vacuumed, swept, and mopped regularly.

Do not use waxes on the vinyl surfaces while cleaning floors. Waxes and cleaners not specifically designed for vinyl floors may damage the flooring materials. Please refer to labels on cleaning products to make sure they are designed for the floor material in the apartment. Care should be taken to avoid putting heavy, caster-wheel furniture on the vinyl. You will be charged for any dents, scratches, and marks on the floor resulting from such use.

Student Family Housing apartments have carpets in the living rooms and bedrooms. The University's professional carpet cleaning personnel will be available to shampoo the carpets three times a year. You may choose not to have them cleaned that often, but carpets must be cleaned at least once a year. Stains and spills must be cleaned immediately to prevent setting of the stain. After you have done all that you can do, please call the Custodial Office in your area (Wymount Terrace 801-422-4180, Wyview Park 801-422-9247) for further direction. You will be charged for any permanent stains or other damages to the carpets.


Apartments are furnished with a gas or electric range, a refrigerator, Levolor® blinds, and carpeting. Furnishings may not be removed from the apartment except by authorized Housing personnel. Furnishings must be left in their designated locations.

Kitchen Counter Tops

The counter tops are heat resistant, but they will burn or scorch. Stainless steel inserts are provided in some apartments as "hot spots" where hot pans may be placed (South Wymount Terrace only). Both the counter tops and the stainless steel "hot spots" will scar if used as cutting surfaces. If you burn, scorch, or scar the counter tops you will be charged for/towards replacement.

Lighting & Electrical Fixtures

Please contact Auxiliary Maintenance at 801-422-4411 for fluorescent light replacements, appliance bulbs, or for electrical repairs. You are required to replace any burned out light bulbs at your expense prior to moving out (60 watt light bulbs are recommended). Please help eliminate electrical difficulties by taking normal precautions with appliances (not overloading outlets, keeping water away from electrical fixtures, etc.).


You are required to keep the premises, furnishings, and fixtures in good, safe, and clean condition. You should not attempt repairs yourself. Report any needed repairs to Auxiliary Maintenance at 801-422-4411, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For emergency maintenance after hours, on weekends, and during holidays, contact University Police at 801-422-2222.

Nail Holes

You are permitted to have a maximum of four nails/anchors in each room of your apartment (including nails or anchor bolts already present when you move in). You will be charged a repair fee for each additional hole when you move out. You should not patch holes in the walls of your apartment, as a larger fee will be assessed for nail holes that have been filled.


Prior to your arrival, a BYU maintenance crew will inspect and paint (if needed) your apartment. You should not paint your apartment. Wallpaper, borders, and contact paper are not to be used on the walls or other surfaces (such as on shelves or inside drawers) because of the damage they can cause to the surfaces. Charges will be assessed to repair surface areas.


Care should be taken so that foreign objects are not flushed down the drains or toilets. Foreign objects can clog the system and cause inconveniences for you and your neighbors. Call Auxiliary Maintenance at 801-422-4411 to fix clogs, dripping taps, leaks, or any other plumbing problems. You may also call University Police at 801-422-2222 after hours.

The garbage disposal will operate effectively as long as it is used to dispose of only soft-textured food wastes. Keep a large stream of cold water running into the disposal unit during use. The water acts as a lubricant to the grinding process and flushes the ground waste away. The kitchen sink may become clogged if solid items (such as pits), extremely fibrous items (such as corncobs, celery stalks, or banana peels), or bulky materials (such as large amounts of fruit, vegetable peelings, or egg shells) are forced into the disposal. Under no circumstances should plastic bags, foil, or other non-food items be placed in the garbage disposal. Care should be taken to prevent children from operating garbage disposals or from placing hard items, such as silverware, in the grinder. Absorbent foods (such as rice) clog the pipes and should not be dumped into the garbage disposal.

Student Family Housing does not have plumbing or electrical fixtures adequate to accommodate appliances in the apartment.

Windows & Screens

Most windows and screens are removable and may be taken out for cleaning. They may not, however, be left out of the window frames.