On-Campus Housing

Eligibility Requirements

Residents must meet the following eligibility criteria to live in BYU Student Family Housing at Wymount Terrace and Wyview Park:

  1. Eligible families must fall into one of the following categories:
    1. A married couple (with or without children).
      • Engaged couples may submit an agreement for an apartment at any time, provided the availability date of the apartment is no more than thirty days prior to their marriage date. For example, if you are getting married on January 30, you may submit an agreement at any time, but only for an apartment with an availability date of January 1 or later.
      • Both spouses must reside in the apartment. The spouse of the student is not required to be a BYU student, but the spouse must have a BYU NetID and must sign the Housing Agreement. A spouse can create a NetID here.
    2. A parent with one or more dependent children.
      • The child must reside in the apartment and the parent must have full custody of the child.

  2. Families with foster children are not eligible to live in BYU Student Family Housing.

  3. Parents, siblings, and other relatives of the resident are not considered members of the immediate family and are not permitted to reside in the apartment.

  4. At least one spouse must be an admitted BYU student and enrolled in at least the number of credits hours indicated below (Independent Study credits do not count toward this requirement):
    Student Type Fall Semester Winter Semester Spring Term* Summer Term*
    Undergraduate Students 9 credits 9 credits 4 credits 4 credits
    Graduate Students 2 credits 2 credits 2 credits 2 credits
    *During Spring and Summer Terms, you are not required to be enrolled if you have been a resident of BYU Student Family Housing as a full-time student (at least 9 credits for undergraduates or 2 credits for graduates) for the previous two semesters and you will be a full-time BYU student in the Fall semester.

  5. The following restrictions apply to the number of occupants per apartment:
    Apartment Size Maximum Number of Occupants*
    One-Bedroom Apartments Maximum of 2 occupants
    One-Bedroom Apartments with Study Maximum of 4 occupants
    Two-Bedroom Apartments Maximum of 4 occupants
    Three-Bedroom Apartments Maximum of 6 occupants
    *Maximum occupants allowed may vary, depending on dependent children's ages.

Prospective residents are encouraged to become familiar with both the Wymount Terrace Terms and Conditions or Wyview Park Terms and Conditions (PDFs) of the Housing Agreement and all of the BYU Student Family Housing guidelines.