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Community Guidelines

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Disruptive Behavior

You should feel comfortable in your room and residence hall, and so should your neighbors. Excessive noise, disturbing the peace, and disruptive behavior are all inappropriate actions. Examples of disruptive behavior include pranks; snowball, water, pillow, paint ball or food fights; and in-line skating, roller-skating, skateboarding, long boarding, and hover boarding.

Students who persist in such behavior could be asked to change rooms, transfer to another housing area, or leave On-Campus Housing. They may also be referred to the Honor Code office.

Students may be requested to leave the university if their behavior could result in injury to themselves or others.

Normally, students who have been asked to leave BYU as a result of disciplinary action must leave housing within 72 hours after notification by the Honor Code Office or area management. However, in some cases, they may be required to leave sooner.

Quiet Hours

Each floor/apartment has the opportunity to establish quiet hours through community standards. However, quiet hours are in effect 24 hours a day during Exam Preparation Days and Final Exam Days.


TVs, DVD Players, Stereos And Radios

You're welcome to bring entertainment equipment for your room or apartment, but please be considerate of your roommates by keeping the volume at a level that will not disturb them. Outside antennas are not permitted. Please be aware that copyright laws prohibit showing video or DVD movies in common areas in or around the residence halls. Tampering with or altering university audiovisual equipment, including cable, is prohibited.

Room Decorations

Decorations should not be hung on the outside of windows or buildings, on the ceiling, or on window coverings. Fire code allows up to 25% of the entire door to be covered with decorations. Make sure your decorations can be easily removed (i.e. no paint, stickers, or contact paper). You are responsible for any damages.

Helaman Halls: While decorating your room, you may use 3M Command™ hooks, white removable mounting adhesive such as Plasti-Tak™, and provided bulletin boards and tack strips. Please don't use nails, tacks, tape, or other types of adhesives.

Heritage Halls, Wyview Park, and Foreign Language Student Residence: While decorating rooms, residents may use nails and white removable mounting adhesive such as Plasti-Tak™. An apartment can only have 6 nail holes per room (including nails already present when residents move in). Residents will be charged a repair fee for each additional hole when they move out. Please don't use other types of adhesives, including 3M Command™ hooks.

Apartment Guidelines And Room Care

Apartment Checks

Each month, Residence Life staff will do apartment/room checks to help you ensure proper care and upkeep. Improper care may result in referral to area management, cleaning charges, or both.


You're welcome to rearrange the furniture in your room to suit your taste as long as the arrangement is deemed safe by your hall advisor. Please do not move furniture out of your room or commons rooms. Beds can only be elevated on supports provided by housing. You may not move appliances.

Pets And Animals

Pets and animals of any kind (including fish) are not allowed in the residence halls. The only exceptions are special assistance animals for residents with disabilities, or fish for certain biology classes. If you need to keep fish for a class, you must receive prior approval from your hall advisor, and you may keep the fish only until your assignment is complete. For more information, click here


Your parents' homeowners insurance may cover your personal belongings while you're at school. However, we recommend that you purchase renter's insurance. The university does not accept responsibility for personal belongings that are damaged or stolen in the residence halls.

Objectionable Material

We support the CES Honor Code. Anything deemed by your hall advisor or other housing officials to be objectionable, obscene or disruptive is not allowed in the residence halls. You can request at the U.S. Post Office that objectionable material not be delivered to your mailbox.

Recreational Activities

Sunbathing And Attire

You're welcome to sunbathe in designated areas Monday-Saturday. See your hall advisor for these areas. Do not use BYU bedding or furniture.

Attire must be modest in fit and style. See-through suits, cut-offs, bikinis, and men's Speedos are not permitted. All swimsuits and other clothing with straps or ties are to remain fastened or tied while sunbathing.

Use of Community Facilities

Community areas in the residence halls are for residents to enjoy. Make sure you clean up after yourself and leave the facility ready for someone else. You will be charged for any repairs or cleaning due to damage or littering. Leave the furniture, including cushions and microwaves, in the lounges.

Items left beyond the contract period will be turned over to BYU Lost and Found or taken to Deseret Industries. You will be charged daily room rates until all personal items are out of your room or storage area. You're welcome to leave your things in your room during Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks, but please don't store your friends' belongings.


Gambling is not permitted in the residence halls.

Soliciting & Personal Business


Advertising, door-to-door sales, sales presentations, and collection drives are not permitted in university housing.

Personal Business

Operating a business based from your apartment/room is prohibited. Use of your residence hall address for business purposes is not permitted. Contact your area management for further clarification.


For your protection, your bike must be registered with the BYU Traffic Office. Bikes may only be locked to approved bike racks. Do not store your bike in your room/apartment or in the stairwells. Limited indoor bike storage is available. Contact your area front desk for more information. Bikes left after the contract period will be turned over to University Police.


Parking Regulations

Vehicles must be registered online with the BYU Parking Services Office or risk being ticketed. For further instructions, click here.

Prospective residents should be aware that there is no on-site parking available at Heritage Halls. Students who believe they must have a vehicle at school may want to consider living at Helaman Halls or Wyview Park, where on-site parking is available. If Heritage Halls is still your favorite option, off-site parking is provided at a designated lot; although this lot is on campus, it is not in the immediate vicinity of Heritage Halls. Please click here to view a map with the alternate parking identified. Heritage Halls residents do not need to pay to park in the designated off-site parking.

For the Traffic Office hours and more information regarding guest and temporary parking, see the BYU Traffic Office website, or contact them directly at (801) 422-3906.

Servicing Your Vehicle

Please don't service your vehicle in the housing parking lots. This includes changing oil or mechanical repairs. You will be charged for any damage to the parking lot.