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Bike racks are provided throughout the complexes to store bicycles. Adult bicycles may be stored in the racks or on the balconies (South Wymount only), not in the stairwells or landings. Children's bicycles, tricycles, wagons, and collapsed strollers may be stored in the balconies or under the stairs, but not on the landings. Abandoned bikes are removed annually in October. Additional information pertaining to the bike clean-up will be provided to residents through My Housing Account.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is any violence/physical harm or threat of violence/physical harm by a person to another with whom he or she is living. Domestic violence negatively affects the academic and spiritual well being of both the family involved and their neighbors. Domestic violence is not tolerated in BYU Student Family Housing and will result in termination of the rental agreement.

Organizations within the University provide help and information for students with concerns about domestic violence. The following is a list of resources:


Quarterly, the Student Family Housing Office distributes a one page newsletter to all residents via My Housing Account. Residents are responsible for all information found in the newsletter. Residents should pay special attention to this information as any amendments to the Student Family Housing Guidelines and residents' contracts will be relayed through the newsletter. The newsletter is generally sent out in February, June and October.

Parental Care

Residents enjoy a friendly atmosphere in Student Family Housing and are welcome to use the common areas of the complex (playground, basements, etc.) consistent with the guidelines as interpreted by Student Family Housing. The atmosphere is enhanced when family members do their part in supervising their own children at all times. Unsupervised children are a risk to themselves, other children, and can disturb the peaceful atmosphere of Student Family Housing, especially in the playground areas. Parents must remain with their children in the playgrounds, Multi-Purpose Buildings, basements, laundries, and around other housing areas.

Parking & Trailers

BYU's Traffic Office will only register up to two (2) vehicles per apartment. Parking registration can be accessed at police.byu.edu. The following stipulations apply to parking in BYU Family Housing:

Quiet Hours

Residents have the right to peaceful enjoyment of their living areas. During the specified quiet hours, residents must avoid unreasonable noise and any other disruption of privacy. Any prolonged or excessive noise or disturbance at any time, which unreasonably interferes with the peaceful enjoyment and rights of other residents, will be grounds for termination of the rental agreement. Quiet hours are between 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. daily and are in effect 24 hours a day during exam preparation days and final exam days.

If someone is disturbing you with excessive noise, please kindly speak with that person one-on-one to resolve the problem. If you are unable to come to an agreement, you may call your Community Aide for assistance.

Recreation Areas

Student Family Housing provides recreational lawns, picnic tables, barbeque grills, playground equipment, basketball courts, and volleyball courts for family and community activities. Residents should be considerate of others in the community by cleaning up after activities. Coals should be extinguished and grills should be cleaned after using the barbeque grills. Personal barbeque grills must be at least 20 feet from any building when in use.


The University prohibits on-campus solicitation in order to protect the privacy and ensure the safety of each resident. Solicitors should be reported to the Community Aide, the Student Family Housing Office(s), or the University Police.

Residents approved for any "in-home" business may not use the apartment address to advertise the business. The above soliciting restrictions apply.

Stairwells, Balconies, & Landings

Residents who share stairwells and balconies need to show respect for each other by making certain that these areas are kept in order.

The stairwells, landings, and sidewalks that lead to the main walkways are considered common areas and will be swept and/or power washed during the spring and summer months as staffing permits. Residents are encouraged to be proactive and work with others in the community to maintain the order and cleanliness of the stairwells, landings and walks. Brooms may be available for checkout through the Wymount Terrace or Wyview Park office for use in maintaining common areas. During the winter months, the grounds personnel will clear snow from the main walkways. Residents are responsible for clearing the sidewalks from their apartment out to the main walkways using the snow shovel provided in each stairwell. Residents should not use the provided snow shovels to chip ice on the sidewalks. Ice chippers and square-nose shovels are available at the office for residents to check out for 24 hours to remove ice and hard-packed snow.

Children are not to intrude upon the privacy of neighboring residents by accessing their balcony. Please be sensitive to your neighbors by not shaking rags or rugs from windows, stair ledges, balconies, or landings.

Below are a few of the items not allowed/allowed in the common areas of the apartment complexes (balconies, stairwells, landings, walks, etc):

Stairwells Balconies

Items NOT allowed under stairwells:
  • Storage units/containers
  • Exercise equipment
  • Adult bikes
  • Boxes/cardboard
  • Garbage/garbage can
  • Diaper pails
  • Papers/newspapers
  • Mops/brooms/cleaning supplies
  • Tires/auto equipment & supplies
  • Appliances/furniture
  • Shelving
  • Tools
  • Dead plants
  • Gas cans/flammable liquids

Items allowed under stairwells:
  • Children's bikes and tricycles
  • Toys in an orderly fashion
  • Children's wagons
  • Small barbeques - propane tank detached
  • Small camping coolers
  • Folded/collapsed strollers only

  • Items NOT allowed on balconies:
    • All furniture not classified as patio furniture
    • Appliances
    • Tires/auto equipment & supplies
    • Boxes/cardboard
    • Exercise equipment
    • Garbage cans/diaper pails
    • Gas cans/flammable liquids
    • Mops/brooms/cleaning supplies
    • Papers/newspapers
    • Storage units/containers

    Items allowed on balconies:
  • Air conditioners
  • Toys in an orderly fashion
  • Bikes
  • Cinder blocks - neatly stacked no higher than railing
  • Coolers
  • Small barbeques - propane tank detached
  • Planting pots - place on the floor
  • Shelving - no higher than window ledge
  • Patio furniture

  • Children's Bicycles, tricycles, collapsed strollers, wagons, and small coolers may be kept under the stairs or on the balconies. Fire code does not permit large barbeque grills (larger than 12" x 20", or with propane tanks larger than 16 oz.) to be stored or used in the stairwells or balconies. Balconies are fire pathways and walkways next to railings must be kept clear of all objects in case of an emergency. Using balconies and stairwells for storage or as holding areas creates safety and health hazards and can be unsightly. Student Family Housing cannot accommodate barbeque grills larger than 12" x 20". Temporary storage facilities can be arranged through the Wymount Terrace Office for a small monthly fee.

    Waste Removal

    Do not allow diapers, recyclable items (such as newspapers or cans), or other waste products to accumulate in or around the apartments, stairwells, or balcony areas. You can dispose of garbage in dumpsters located near your apartment building. Do not leave your garbage outside of the dumpsters. (Small children who are unable to lift the lid on the dumpsters to place the trash inside should not be sent to take out the trash.) Recycling bins are located near some of the dumpster areas and near the Wymount Terrace and Wyview Park Offices. Please be careful to place recyclables in the appropriate receptacle. You are responsible to dispose of large items. Furniture such as couches, chairs, dressers, bed frames, mattresses, etc. are not to be disposed of in the dumpsters. You will be charged a removal fee for items you leave behind when you move out.