On-Campus Housing

Roommates and Group Requests

Requesting a Roommate

During the registration process, you may request a roommate by providing your roommate's name and a group link number. This number is usually the phone number of one of the members of the group; it must be entered at the right time during the registration process. In order to be linked with the right person, both you and your roommate must enter the correct name and link number. Providing the linking information does not hold a housing space for someone who has not yet registered. If you do not select a roommate, one will be assigned to fill the vacancy.

Group Requests

For some conferences (Women’s Conference, Education Week, and Fathers and Son’s camp), you may link up to six people together as a group by selecting a group link number or identifier. Each participant must enter this link number or identifier during their individual registrations. When each person registers, he or she will need to provide the name of their requested roommate from the group, and their roommate will need to do the same. Doing this will identify and link everyone belonging to one group.

For all other conferences, you may request a single roommate by entering their name during the conference registration process.